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Who’s shaping the GOP’s 2024 energy strategy?

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An army of political nonprofits, think tanks and Trump alumni are drafting energy policy plans they hope can rocket a Republican into the White House and provide the template for dismantling President Joe Biden’s climate agenda.

The likely results, writes Scott Waldman, include proposals to boost oil and natural gas production, federal limits on equity investment portfolios that exclude fossil fuels and other polluting industries, and the rollback of Biden’s tax breaks for clean energy.

And that will probably be the case no matter who wins the GOP primary, Scott writes.

“Compared to other areas where you see differences, particularly foreign policy and aid to Ukraine, where you see greater divisions, energy seems to be one area where Republicans are really coalescing,” Neil Chatterjee, who served as the nation’s top energy regulator under former President Donald Trump, told Scott.

The goal, insiders said, is to ensure that any Republican entering the White House has a blueprint for how to swiftly dismantle Biden’s climate agenda, including rolling back the regulations and spending at the heart of federal efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Still, repealing climate provisions embedded in last year’s $369 billion climate law and the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law would require GOP control of Congress.

A fast reversal on climate would contrast to Trump’s first few months in office, when the lack of personnel largely kneecapped efforts to roll back Obama-era rules.

Read the full article here: Who’s shaping the GOP’s 2024 energy strategy? – POLITICO

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