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We the People on Election Integrity

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By Deb Boelkes, We the People


To We the People – Today we’re focusing on ONE topic, all right here in Florida:

FIRST: Thanks to Professor David Clements for posting this 13-minute video from the Miami Independent featuring Florida activist Chris Gleason, who claims that while on the surface the Florida “Election Integrity” bill currently under consideration sounds good, it is anything but. Can you spell R-I-G-G-I-N-G? VR Systems is one of the big players in this area [WARNING: this news doesn’t sound good for some of our favorite State Officials]: https://miamiindependent.com/breaking-floria-election-integrity-bill-is-anything-but-seeks-to-codify-election-fraud/   

The official description of proposed Senate Bill 7050 is as follows: Elections; Requiring the Secretary of State to provide mandatory formal signature matching training to specified persons; authorizing the Office of Election Crimes and Security to review complaints and conduct preliminary investigations relating to any alleged election irregularity involving the Florida Election Code; requiring first-time applicants registering to vote in this state to comply with specified identification requirements; requiring third-party voter registration organizations to inform the Division of Elections as to the general election cycle for which they are registering persons to vote; deleting the scheduled repeal of a public records exemption for certain voter registration information from another state or the District of Columbia, etc.

Status if the Bill: Yesterday (4/4/23) SB 7050 reported favorably by Ethics and Elections Committee (Yeas 6 / Nays 3).  Read the marked up version of Senate Bill 7050 (2023) for yourself at https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2023/7050/BillText/pb/HTML  If approved as is, it is to take effect July 1, 2023

Next: Thanks to a friend in Palm Beach for sending the text of this presentation to the Palm Beach County Commissioners:   

Good afternoon, Palm Beach County Commissioners and the public,

My name is Mikki Isackson and I am a citizen in Palm Beach County.  If I did my job correctly all the commissioners here received an email from me regarding Treason.  I have never been involved in politics before 2022.    Then God whispered, for me to do something.  
Fortunately, I found myself meeting other like-minded people who were participating in Election Integrity and ultimately found my way to the SOE Tabulation Center in Rivera Beach in August of 2022 for the Midterm,  the November General Election and the Municipal Election March of this year.  What I saw and experienced there shocked me to my core.  Not only is the public not welcomed but if they try to get involved in any part they will be met with an offensive disregard and disrespect from every official they meet along the way. Sadly, to say I met Sheriffs that were sent to protect Wendy Link FROM the public when they should have been protecting the public from Wendy Link.
At the SOE Tabulation warehouse, I was able to observe and participate in L&A testing, Public Viewing, Public Inspection, Signature Verification, Canvasing Board Meetings, Ballot Signature acceptance and Rejections, Ballot Certificate Opening, Tabulation and Clear Ballot Machines, Sorting of Ballots, VBM Ballot Drop offs, Drop Boxes, Express Vote Machines, Ballot Cures, Candidate Race Run Offs, Hand Count Audits, Early Vote Sites, Duplication, UOCAVA, Public Records Request, and Election Night. At every single one of these individual events on different days I was able to learn something new in the Election Process.  I have notebooks of data and a camera full of photos from my experience during the Palm Beach County Elections. I reported my findings to my State Reps, Governor, Secretary of State, FDLE, Election Crimes Department, members of the PBC REC and more.
What I saw in L&A is that they are able to preprogram the machines to give out a report of a preprogrammed race, Public viewing of Ballots with hidden precinct numbers and ballot counts from view, signatures being accepted that didn’t match and ones being rejected that did, Ballots jamming the machines in the tabulation area and clear ballot machines being used that have software in them to change the votes without having to change the ballot,  oversized sorting machines that would not sort by a precinct, no chain of custody when the ballots were picked up and dropped off from “the supposed post office”, Drop box stations unsecured to accept ballots before voting day, 400 express vote machines used during 2 weeks of early vote with unofficial ballot paper with bar codes, USB’s from express vote machines, DS200 machines and Evid check in machines handled in the tabulation area by ES&S employees,  Ballot curing that did not signature match,  race run offs that were questionable, an ability to do a hand count audit in record time, ballots rejected by a machine so that they could be viewed by a contracted worker to then be duplicated and changed without the supervision of canvasing board member,  UOCAVA that exposed voter names and how they voted, Public records request that were either denied or an invoice was provided for prohibited amounts, Election night were a candidate lost by 864 votes after 10 pm when they were winning before the last 3 precincts came in and 1300 ballots dead in the cure, throughout the general Election and on Election night there were GOP representatives and over 7 DeSantis attorneys showing up to make sure DeSantis and Rubio won the general election. 
Commissioners, you work for We the People.  We expect that you take this seriously and do something to protect our Country, Freedom and Security of the people.  You are not intitled to sit up there and ignore what the people are communicating to you.  It is your job to look into everything that has been shared.  Be on the right side of history.  God is watching.
We expect and will accept nothing less than
Same Day Voting
Legal Valid ID
No Machines
Paper Ballots
Count at the Precinct
Make our elections safe and restore our republic. May God empower you to do what is necessary and proper for the people you represent, and bless you and our Country as a result.

Finally: To learn more about Election Integrity and what We the People can do to ensure we have free, fair and safe elections (not SELECTIONS), be sure to attend our special We the People event on Saturday, April 15, from 7:00 to 9:00, featuring Professor David Clements and Joe Oltmann at the First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach (in the school gym) at 1600 South 8th Street. Feel free to invite all your friends who may have an interest, as we have plenty of room. Just be sure to RSVP to me (by email or phone) so I can make sure we set up enough chairs for everyone. This event is free. A donation is suggested to help cover our guest speakers travel costs.   

God Bless the USA,


Deb Boelkes

Founder, Business World Rising, LLC 

Keynote Speaker and award-winning Author of: 

Strong Suit: Leadership Success Secrets from Women on Top

Women on Top: What’s Keeping You From Executive Leadership?

The WOW Factor Workplace: How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture

Heartfelt Leadership: How to Capture the Top Spot and Keep on Soaring

Office: 904-310-9602

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Email: [email protected]

DebBoelkes.com || BusinessWorldRising.com || HeartfeltLeadership.com

Success just got easier ®

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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