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Updates from the Swamps in FL, AZ and DC

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By Deb Boelkes, 1-5-23

To We the People: Almost nothing surprises me anymore. The swamp is everywhere you turn. We certainly have our work cut out for us.

  1. In local news, here’s the latest in the saga of the Duval County Republican Executive Committee. Apparently, Dean Black didn’t expect he’d have enough to do as our new State House Rep in 2023 – 2024, so he ran again and WON again as the Duval County GOP chair on Dec. 5…mind you, (1) this is after he successfully ran his now infamous smear campaign against Emily Nunez in the primary, and (2) after he cancelled (rather than reschedule) the November 21 Duval REC meeting, ensuring Quisha King—who had been the regional coordinator for “Black Voices for Trump” in 2020 and who had announced her intention to run against Dean Black as DUVAL GOP Chair—was prevented from joining the DUVAL REC as a committeewoman prior to the December organizational meeting where the officers were voted on.   Quisha King had this to say about the experience: “My takeaway from this is that our local Republican leadership will do anything and everything to pedal their influence and get power, regardless of what the people want. What caught me off guard was the people who know that they’re corrupt and are willing to stand silently and watch it happen.” Be sure to read the full article to learn more about what’s been going on in the local GOP swamp: https://www.theflstandard.com/former-duval-gop-chair-calls-out-leadership-for-stalling-membership-of-popular-conservative-outsider/
  1. Yesterday we talked about AZ being the keystone of election corruption, going way back. Now it comes out that Pinal County AZ’s temporary Elections Directoron contract for just 4-months, was paid $175K to oversee the 2022 election, and she ALSO got paid a $25K bonus after reporting inaccurate results….and now she can’t be found!   https://arizona.votebeat.org/2023/1/4/23539832/pinal-county-election-virginia-ross-bonus
  1. Would you believe, the DOD was behind the whole Covid thing from the start? Thanks to an a former executive of a pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO), Sasha Latypova, and intensive legal researcher, Katherine Watt for uncovering Operation Warp Speed / ASPR reports revealing the Department of Defense ordered, oversaw and tightly controlled the manufacture and distribution of Covid countermeasures through military contractors and consortia from the get-gohttps://armedforces.press/2023/01/05/breaking-dod-controlled-covid-vaccines-from-the-start-under-national-security-program-lied-the-entire-time-were-never-safe-and-effective/
  1. Now for some hopefully good news. If you’re going to be in the Palm Beach area tomorrow, January 6 at 4:00 PM, the Palm Beach Patriots are holding a rally outside Mar-a-Lago on the southern bridge. Be sure to take Trump Flags if you go! Also say prayers and keep your fingers crossed for the Brunson case, as SCOTUS takes it up in conference tomorrow.  

Keep the faith, keep fighting against evil, and never give in.


Deb Boelkes

Founder, Business World Rising, LLC 

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