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Trump Announces Third Run for U.S. Presidency

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By George Miller

After dragging out the suspense and dropping many hints, Former President Donald Trump finally announced his third run for the presidency today, at his palatial Palm Beach Mar a Lago facility. He made it official HERE.

He highlighted some of his many claimed accomplishments and criticized what he believed Biden administration shortcomings to be.

We have heard several times that friends, advisors and unsolicited parties advised him against announcing it before the mid-terms, then again until runoffs are finished, or at all, but obviously he didn’t heed the latter two.

It is becoming more evident that Trump and FL Governor DeSantis are the two most visible potential Republican primary candidates. Trump has been attacking DeSantis, while the popular Governor has taken a high road, at least for now. One of his responses: “One of the things I’ve learned in this job is when you’re leading, when you’re getting things done, you take incoming fire, that’s just the nature of it.” De Santis has neither announced nor hinted about a candidacy, although his speaking engagements and posture strongly suggest his interest.

Many Floridians would prefer to have their Governor stay here and keep doing what he is doing, which voters strongly endorsed recently.

While Trump wins most Republican polls hands down, FL Governor DeSantis scores increasingly well in them. Opposition to Trump by Democrats, most media, the moderate and RINO wings of the Republican party is strong. But his numerous rallies still have greater crowds than any candidate in history.

There is huge controversy about the level of 2020 election fraud in, especially in the so-called “swing states.” Various polls suggest that up to half of the electorate feels that the electoral system is corrupt, never a good thing in a nominal democratic republic. Trump and most supporters still believe that he won. Most election hearings conducted and some analyses support his position, but the courts, Secretaries of State and big media fought it.

There are many reports on the Trump announcement out there, many much more comprehensive than this one. You can see that Google stacked the reports against him, although even without stacking, most would be unfavorable- see for yourself: https://www.google.com/search?q=trump+presidential+run+announcement

Epoch Times, which has quickly become the largest national newspaper with a Conservative orientation, approached it differently from most:


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