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To Nassau County Residents: Selection Code Event follow up

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From Jack Knocke, CCDF USA Nassau


Thank you so much to everyone who attended one or more of our events last Thursday. We had a Pastor Breakfast, a Private Fundraiser Lunch and the main event with the movie and speakers. After our local events Thursday, the speakers traveled to Savannah to do it all over again. I’m going to do a brief summary here and follow up this week with more information. A huge shout out to all of the volunteers who spent time setting up, greeting, cooking, organizing and cleaning up! Many thanks to Fernandina Beach First Baptist for allowing us to use the facility throughout the day. The entire First Baptist team is awesome. Thanks also to the many folks who contributed to CCDF-NASSAU. We are still short of of $50k goal, so please consider giving today so that we can officially launch CCDF-Nassau. 

Spending 3 days with our speakers was a tremendous blessing to me personally. I wish we had more time for every one of you to interact with each speaker. They are each so passionate about saving America, exposing bad actors, driving awareness of corruption, and fighting the war on God that seeks to separate us from our core values. KCarl Smith rocked the house in Savannah on Friday with his message of unity around the Fredrick Douglass Life Empowering Values. We should all read up more about Fredrick Douglass – a former slave who taught himself through reading, authored several books, and advised 5 US presidents. 

Steve Maxwell as the Founder and National Chairman of CCDFUSA, not only explained the CCDF model and why it is so important, but he gave private insights to smaller groups demonstrating how CCDF is leveraging our local communities to make a difference nationally. We must establish full-time, professionally managed groups in the counties to correct the problems and protect freedoms going forward – long term. 

Matt & Joy Thayer the Director and Producer of [S]election Code movie shared so many of their personal experiences that I don’t even know where to begin. The [S]election Code movie very clearly showed how election machines are manipulating elections. (See the Local teams may feel they have physical security, but once data is in the machines, it can and is being manipulated. Matt’s training, in the film industry, included training on propaganda. You can easily tell he is not the only one who received that training. When you look at what Hollywood produces, what Disney is now promoting, what social media blocks vs. promotes and how our news media manipulates messages, you can see why people are confused on what to believe. Based on 2000 Mules, [S]election Code and the follow up data releases that have been coming out, there was clearly election fraud in 2020. More will continue to come out over the next weeks and months.
Now for the mic drop – it is happening here in Nassau County. This is not just a national issue. Seth Keshel went through the Nassau County 2020 voting results and found some startling observations that there were likely 3,500 excess Biden votes cast in the 2020 election – IN NASSAU COUNTY. In the movie, they call it point shaving – a little from every county. He also focused on Precinct 302 to show an example of some very strange results that warrant additional research to identify the source of the excess votes.
Bottom line is that we need local residents to get involved. We are focused on freedom and transparency in elections & with elected officials, in our schools and in following the money. This is a team effort. CCDFUSA-Nassau is building the team. We need all types of players – volunteers, leaders, organizers, and contributors. We ask a little bit from everyone to make this work.

Please use the link below to sign up as an Ambassador to stay informed and hopefully get involved in some way. We ask, if possible, that you sign up to donate on a monthly recurring basis. This will be very helpful to the Nassau County team for planning purposes. Give us one year…if we don’t do what we say we’ll do, we will never ask you for another cent. But when we do what we say we’ll do, we ask you to stay with us long term. This didn’t get broken overnight and it’s going to take time to repair it but together, WE CAN DO THIS! Will you join us in taking back your county?
God Bless, CCDF-USA Nassau
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