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Timmerman: The Biden Regime Wars

From Local Best-selling Author and Nobel Prize Nominee Ken Timmerman ...

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Ken Timmerman’s Threat Watch

Americans who serve their government in the civil or uniformed services take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Increasingly, our foreign enemies have identified themselves, even if the current American regime (and I use that word purposefully) is loath to acknowledge them.

I speak about them nearly every week on Prophecy Today Weekend. They are Russia, China, Iran, and to a lesser extent, North Korea.

But most Americans, myself included, are loath to speak of domestic enemies, perhaps out of an inherent optimism that we live in the greatest country the world has ever known, where even Socialists have a hard time eradicating our God-given freedoms.

But those enemies exist. And we saw two of them on display this week.

First is the 21-year-old Airman First class, junior rank, Jack Teixeira, the person identified by federal law enforcement as responsible for the “Pentagon Leaks.”

His defense attorney said he was just “a dumb kid showing off to his friends” – and that is probably true.

And while some of us might applaud him for revealing the lies of the Biden regime regarding Ukraine, nevertheless he did immense damage to our nation, its legitimate intelligence-gathering capabilities, and its credibility. (You have to wonder about his superiors, who gave such broad access to highly classified documents to such a young and obviously immature individual.)

The second domestic enemy that revealed themselves recently took that very oath I mentioned at top. They are the federal and state prosecutors such as Alvin Bragg in New York and Erik L. Barron in Baltimore, who have weaponized our criminal justice system to go after political opponents of the regime.

It seems nearly every week, we learn of a new case that reminds me we are “Back in the USSR,” where Leventiy Beria told Stalin, “show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.”

They are doing it against President Trump. And this week, they launched a vicious, clearly politically-motivated prosecution against a conservative county sheriff who who has stood for they people and their 2nd amendment rights against the federal gun-grabbers.

I sent you an email on Tuesday with details of the phony prosecution of Frederick County, Maryland sheriff Chuck Jenkins. If you misplaced it, here is a link.

Please join me in praying for Sheriff Jenkins this week. And if any of you have good ideas of how to set up a legal defense fund for me, please let me know.

Meanwhile, tune in to this week’s edition of Prophecy Today Weekend at 1:05 PM (on the dot!) this Saturday. You can listen live in the Jacksonville area on 104.9 FM and 550 AM, or on the Jacksonville Way Radio app.

If you miss the show live, the podcast will be available later on, here.

Yours in freedom,

Ken Timmerman’s 12th book of non-fiction, AND THE REST IS HISTORY: Tales of Hostages, Arms Dealers, Dirty Tricks, and Spies, is now available from PostHill Press. 

AND THE REST IS HISTORY can be ordered directly from Amazon by clicking here or by viewing my author’s page, here. 

– Republican nominee for Congress, Maryland District 8 (2012)
– National Security and Foreign Policy Advisory Board, Trump for President 2016
– President & CEO, Foundation for Democracy in Iran, www.iran.org
– Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2006
Cell: 301-675-7922
Follow me on Twitter @kentimmerman
Facebook: ken timmerman
Reply to: [email protected]
Website: kentimmerman.com

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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