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Timmerman: Iran Goes Nuclear

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Ken Timmermans Threat Watch, 5-5-23

This week we saw many examples of just how dangerous a weak U.S. president can be.
On Wednesday, we learned that the Iranian regime had seized a second oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, an act of international piracy, with zero U.S. response. We also learned that these were just the latest of fifteen attacks on international shipping that have taken place since Biden took office. 
This type of thing does not happen when we have a strong president in the White House.
As I point out in a column that appeared this morning in the American Thinker, when the Iranians last went after international shipping in the Persian Gulf, President Reagan launched Operation Praying Mantis – and sank one-third of the Iranian navy in a single day.
And in 2020, when President Trump learned that the Iranian regime was planning to escalate its New Year’s Eve attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, he made the decision to take out the mastermind of Iranian terror, Qassem Suleimani. And while Iran vowed revenge, so far, they have done nothing.
This is how smart leaders keep bad guys in their place. But that has not been Joe Biden’s way. Instead, he wants to reach a new nuclear deal with Iran and has even released billions of dollars of frozen oil money to Iran, money which they are using to support their terrorist operations at home and abroad.
You can read my American Thinker column here.
Or if you prefer getting your news through television, you can watch me talk with Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt about these subjects. 
Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant told reporters this week that Iran now has enough nuclear material to make five nuclear warheads (one more than the IAEA claims the Iranians can make). Yes, Iran would have to cross the threshold of enriching to weapons grade; but given the amount of 20% and 80% nuclear material it has on hand, that would take at most ten to twelve days.
So, thank-you, Joe Biden. The Islamic State of Iran has now become a nuclear weapons state. And the White House just keeps looking for the next concession.
In my segment on this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend, I talk about these stories and provide some background on the ongoing conflict in Sudan, where rival generals are battling it out on the streets of Khartoum. What’s most remarkable to me has been the U.S. silence. The Biden administration doesn’t want Americans to realize that Sudan joined the Abraham Accords in January 2021, and that Sudan’s leader General Burnham was negotiating a formal peace treaty with Israel just three months ago. 
This war has been a giant step backwards for Middle East peace, as well as a loss of U.S. influence. 
As always, you can listen live at 1 pm on Saturday on 104.9 FM or AM 550 in the Jacksonville area, or by using the Jacksonville Way Radio app. Otherwise, you can listen to the podcast later.
Yours in freedom,

PS: And if you have some time on your hands and want to be entertained, you can watch the full presentation I made at the Unite Inland Empire annual conference last Saturday in Ontario, CA, where I talked about my latest book, and more. Here’s the YouTube link.
Ken Timmerman’s 12th book of non-fiction, AND THE REST IS HISTORY: Tales of Hostages, Arms Dealers, Dirty Tricks, and Spies, is now available from PostHill Press. 

AND THE REST IS HISTORY can be ordered directly from Amazon by clicking here or by viewing my author’s page, here. 

– Republican nominee for Congress, Maryland District 8 (2012)
– National Security and Foreign Policy Advisory Board, Trump for President 2016
– President & CEO, Foundation for Democracy in Iran, www.iran.org
– Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2006
Cell: 301-675-7922
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