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‘This is why they don’t want more J6 Videos Released!’

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By Peter LaBarbera, WND News Service, WND.com

Newly surfaced Jan. 6 video footage shows D.C. police firing stun grenades into a crowd of peaceful, pro-Trump protesters, raising the specter that police brutality and reckless, provocative actions by incompetent officers enraged the crowd and led people to rush past them into the Capitol.

WARNING: videos contain obscenities and disturbing scenes of violence

Another video shows D.C. police accidentally showering themselves with tear gas, causing them to flee from protecting the Capitol. Conservative Charlie Kirk’s Rumble page description sums it up this way: “Bodycam footage shows a cop shooting a tear gas grenade *into police lines* causing them to retreat.”

The shocking videos, obtained by the group “Investigate J6,” undermine the Democrats’ and the media’s dominant “insurrection” narrative by showing the crowd reacting to the police show of force, rather than engaging in any kind of planned or aggressive “assault” on the nation’s legislative body. The group’s GiveSendGo page states, “Investigate J6 is a coalition of forensic video investigators, attorneys, journalists and intelligence analysts. Your funds will help the investigations of many dedicated patriots and bring much needed truth to light.”

The initial Investigate J6 tweet states: “What led to the storming of the US Capitol on January 6th? #FollowTheTimeline. POLICE BRUTALITY evidence thread.”

InvestigateJ6 on Twitter: “What led to the storming of the US Capitol on January 6th? #FollowTheTimeline POLICE BRUTALITY evidence thread. 🧵👇 https://t.co/rbAoyjRAOk” / Twitter

The texts, most linking to videos, of the Feb. 20 Investigate J6 Twitter thread are as follows:

1. What led to the storming of the US Capitol on January 6th? #FollowTheTimeline

POLICE BRUTALITY evidence thread

2. On January 6th at 1:13pm: Officer Thau and the DC Metropolitan Police arrived on the Capitol’s West Plaza.

Upon arrival, Thau frantically requests Capitol Police provide him with “blast munitions” to start throwing at the mostly peaceful crowd.

3. Thau repeatedly requests “blast munitions” from different supervisors on the ground for the next 10 minutes.

4. At 1:17pm, Thau orders Capitol PD ‘snipers nest’ to continue firing indiscriminately into the crowd.

He screams “let’s go, [f**king] shoot them!” “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”

5. At 1:22pm, Thau grabs a DC officer’s taser. He then rushes to the front line and proceeds to tase a random protestor who can be heard screaming in pain.

The crowd responds angrily to Thau’s offensive use of the weapon, yelling “what the [f**k] is wrong with you guys?!”

6. Blast and incendiary munitions arrive at 1:25pm.

From approx 1:25pm until 2:25pm, Capitol and DC police incite the crowd with an unrelenting barrage of grenades and mortars.

Protestor Kevin Greeson drops dead at 1:28pm. Witnesses allege he was killed by one of these grenades.

7. On January 6th at 2:02pm, protestor Derrick Vargo is pushed from a ledge on the NW staircase by a Capitol PD officer as he attempts to hang a Trump flag.

8. At 2:03pm, DC police first use their LRAD system (long range acoustic device), in violation of established protocol.

DC law requires police to give 3 separate warnings with the LRAD and an opportunity to disperse before using violence or munitions to clear a protest crowd.

9. The text images included here are from Jon Turley’s testimony on the clearing of the Pershing Park BLM protests outside the White House in 2020.

The attempted clearing of the West Plaza protest was evidently illegal according to case law highlighted in Turley’s 6/29/20 testimony. Oddly, Judge Emmet Sullivan, who wrote these rules, has not addressed this fact in his January 6th rulings and convictions.

The entirety of Turley’s remarkably relevant testimony can be found [HERE]

10. On January 6th at 2:18pm, DC police Sgt. Edwards admits to his Commander that their munitions are hitting innocent people. Officer Thau admits that they are inciting ten protestors for every person they hit.

11. At 2:19pm, the DC commander orders officers not to “lose the steps of the Capitol.”

At 2:25pm, more 40mm munitions arrive. Thau orders Officer ‘Rich’ to shoot a CS mortar “over the [f**king] scaffolding.”

Rich misfires and gases the entire DC police line, causing them to retreat.

12. At 2:33pm, Thau tells arriving DC MPD officers to abandon the West Plaza, ordering them “do not go down the [f**king] stairs.”

13. For context, here is an overhead video timelapse of the West Plaza protest. #FollowTheTimeline

He continues in the next tweet: “Some cop misfiring a tear gas grenade changed the course of American history. The police lines weren’t overrun. They retreated gasping for air from friendly fire.”

“You know what happens when you launch multiple stun grenades into peaceful J6 crowds?” O’Handley says in his next tweet. “The same thing that happens when you rattle a dog’s cage. This is why they don’t want more J6 videos released. It exposes their setup VC: @InvestigateJ6”

The Investigate J6 website contains a graphic with a simpler version of the timeline:

  • 1:00 pm: Capitol Police open fire on crowd of protesters peacefully assembled outside U.S. Capitol, west side;
  • Police attack & agitate crowd – maim and kill civilian protesters outside Capitol for 70 minutes until Capitol is breached;
  • 2:30 pm: Rally goers from Trump speech arrive at Capitol & walk through open doors on east side, unaware police are using lethal force on protesters for trespass.
  • Police go on to brutally kill two women.
  • Media and politicians tell you “Trump supporters attempted to overthrow the government.”
  • [Republican] congressional decertification attempts are permanently quelled.
  • Patriots hunted like terrorists and denied their constitutional rights.

Additional body-cam video footage from D.C. Metropolitan Police surface showing officers complaining that they were “set up” to fail in containing the crowd, only further fueling conservatives’ speculation that Democrats and Trump opponents wanted a riot to break out that they could then blame on the 45th president.

Gateway Pundit, which has been at the forefront of countering the left’s dominant J6 narrative, yesterday linked to heartbreaking footage obtained by its reporter Cara Castronuova, first published Jan. 26, that shows the unconscious body of J6 attendee Rosanne Boyland as Trump supporters try unsuccessfully to revive her. Boyland was one of four pro-Trump rally attendees who died on Jan. 6.

Meanwhile, investigative journalist Laura Loomer says she is vindicated in first reporting that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is breaking his promise to release the full 41,000 of J6 videotapes to the public. Loomer tweeted Thursday: “We’ve now learned @TuckerCarlson never received 41,000 hours of J6 footage as was claimed by @RepMTG. That was a lie. Sources I am working with received confirmation DIRECTLY FROM THE DOJ today that Tucker was never ‘given’ any footage. He can only watch it on one terminal.”

“Giving the footage to Tucker Carlson is not the same as releasing it the public,” she said in an interview.

Providing further evidence that the left’s Jan. 6 narrative is crumbling, J6 expert and investigative reporter Darren Beattie, editor-in-chief of Revolver.News, appearing on the Charlie Kirk Show Thursday, said more and more video evidence is emerging indicating that there was a massive undercover federal and police presence at the Jan. 6 rally.

Kirk played new bodycam video of a policeman on a bike stopping a group that at first looked like rally goers, but each was carrying a gun and pulled out police identification. Watch it beginning at the 2:40 mark below:

Kirk said on the program: “They compare Jan. 6 to the Civil War and they call it an insurrection. If it’s indeed that, then they should have zero fear to have 41,000 hours of the ‘insurrection’ made public. That should only strengthen their argument. That should only make them more powerful to be able to build a new security state. But instead there’s a lot of anxiety throughout the [Biden] regime that the more information [there is] about it, it actually might weaken their narrative.”

Peter LaBarbera is a former reporter for the Washington Times and LifeSiteNews.com, and a former contributing editor for Human Events. He is the founder of AmericansForTruth.org, which exposes LGBT extremism. His reporting was instrumental in passage of a federal law barring U.S. taxpayer funding of any international group with pedophile ties. A former editor for Family Research Council and Accuracy in Media, he and his wife of 34 years are the proud parents of five children.

Link to WND

‘This is why they don’t want more J6 videos released!’ (wnd.com)

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