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They Won’t Be Able To Walk the Streets

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By Alexandra Bruce, LewRockwell


Legal expert, Mike Davis wrote in the Daily Caller Friday that the Atlanta indictment against Trump may come as soon as the week of August 14. He writes:

“Fani Willis will (somehow) charge Trump with Georgia racketeering felonies for the non-crime of objecting to a presidential election (which is allowed by the federal Electoral Count Act of 1887) and twisting arms politically (which is allowed by the First Amendment).

“Like Garland Special Counsel Jack Smith’s recent indictment over Trump’s conversations with Vice President Pence, other government officials, and Trump’s lawyers, Fani Willis’ Georgia indictment would represent the criminalization of the political process.

“Presidents are allowed to have contentious calls with state officials as is alleged, and the whole ‘fake elector slate’ crime is nonsensical. After the 1960 election, John F. Kennedy’s campaign put together alternate electors of their own in Hawaii as they awaited a recount after Nixon’s victory in the state. Kennedy faced no charges for this, nor should he have…

“No one was duped by what Trump was doing. He didn’t have the ‘real electors’ tied up and gagged in Rudy Guiliani’s car, while his ‘fake electors’ stole their IDs and showed up to vote. Trump was putting up a political and legal fight, through the political and legal processes, with a slate of alternate electors if he prevailed. And Trump didn’t succeed. Just like Democrats’ objections to Republican presidential wins in 1968, 2000, 2004, and 2016 didn’t succeed.

“They weren’t charged. So why is Trump? Because Fani Willis is a political hack cut from the same cloth as Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith. She cares about the Democrat Party, not the law nor the well-being of her community and country.

“Fani Willis is ignoring her promises to Atlanta voters. She criticized her predecessor and then-primary runoff opponent, Paul Howard, for ‘politicizing his office at the expense of crime victims.’

“That’s exactly what Willis is doing now. Since Willis took office in 2021, violent crime in Fulton County has increased dramatically. Atlanta now has a higher murder rate than Chicago.

“As crime has soared, Willis has used her prosecution of Trump to boost her own political profile and even fundraise for her re-election.

“After launching the investigation, Willis tweeted about it, requesting followers and donations. Her follower count soon grew from a couple thousand to over 100,000. Like most Democrats, Willis appears to care more about social media credit than her actual constituents…

“Fani Willis is a political hack cut from the same cloth as Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith. She cares about the Democrat Party, not the law nor the well-being of her community and country.”

Read the full article here: They Wont Be Able To Walk the Streets – LewRockwell

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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