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The Misleading Claim that Republican States Have Higher Murder Rates

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By Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., PhD


We have a lot of new research and more coming in the next few weeks. Have you heard the claim that murder rates are higher in the Republican states that Trump won in 2020 than the Democrat states that Biden won? It has been a claim repeated over and over again in the news media and confirmed by “fact checkers.” A new piece at Real Clear Investigations points out how false the assertion is. The claim overlooked the figures for 2021, which were available when he made the claim, and they show the opposite. Even more importantly, the discussion ignores that policing, prosecutions, and judging are all determined locally, and in 2020, the Republican states had higher murder rates only because of the very high murder rates in the Democrat counties in those states. I discussed this on national radio shows with Lars Larson and Bill Cunningham and Philadelphia’s Rich Zeoli (this last one turned out really well). Other new research continues our work on vote transparency. Given the very close election in Arizona, we had a simple goal: match the number of voters who voted with the number of ballots cast. After elections, some people worry that ballots were counted multiple times (so that there could be more ballots cast than voters who voted) or that ballots disappear (so that there could be more voters who voted than ballots cast). We found that even under the most conservative assumptions, these discrepancies in vote counts were larger than the winning margin in the state’s 2022 Attorney General race or that the counties simply can’t say the number of people who voted.We have also updated our list of cases where people legally carrying concealed handguns have stopped likely mass public shootings.A couple of op-eds that I wrote deal with bizarre claims by Democrats regarding pistol-stabilizing braces. You have to wonder if Democrats know anything about the gun control laws they vote on. The claims are so far out that they must know that what they are saying is false. A piece that I had at Townhall discusses how the two leaders of the Senate Democrats say that we have to ban pistol-stabilizing braces because adding them to handguns turns the handguns into machine guns. Another piece at The Federalist points to Biden’s nonsensical claims about the braces. Finally, a piece I have at the Washington Times is outside our normal research, but it explains why government regulations are responsible for the pilot shortage.Hunter Biden has also provided us with a number of interviews. One interview with Vince Coglianese on DC’s WMAL that is worth listening to drew on my experience as the chief economist with the US Sentencing Commission and my time at the US DOJ and discussed what criminal penalties Hunter Biden should be facing. My appearances on the Lars Larson and Bill Martinez national radio shows talked about Hunter’s legal team threatening to use the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision to declare that background checks are unconstitutional.I also did several radio shows on California Governor Gavin Newsom’s push for a Constitutional amendment to allow new gun control laws. I appeared on the Sebastian Gorka and Alan Nathan national shows and Los Angeles’ big KRLA.Entertainment television police shows continue to misinform millions of Americans about guns. NBC’s Law & Order makes outrageously false claims about ghost gunsFX’s Class of ’09 about the FBINBC’s Magnum PI, and CBS’ True Lies continue the myth of criminals using machine guns.We have also continued collecting cases where people legally carrying guns in public have stopped crimes. Here are the cases that we collected for April.For information on activities at the Crime Prevention Research Center, here is a link to our “info deck.” Please view in full-screen mode and scroll using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.But we need help getting this message out. If you have friends you think might find our emails interesting, please encourage them to sign up by sending them the link here. Thank you very much for all your support. We have some tough battles ahead, and I want you to know how much your support has been greatly appreciated..ResearchReal Clear Investigations: Murder, They Spun: Selective Stats Leave Suspicious Fingerprints All Over the Crime DebateNew Research: Voter Discrepancies Found in the ARIZONA 2022 GENERAL ELECTIONUPDATED: Compiling Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped likely mass public shootingsWhat is the Percent of Firearm Deaths involving Suicides? 67% over the last five yearsLooking at the false claim that firearms are the leading cause of deaths for children or teens.Op-edsAt Townhall: Can Democrats Even Believe What They Are Claiming About Guns?At The Federalist: Biden’s Latest Anti-Gun Claims Aren’t Just False — They Don’t Even Make SenseAt Washington Times: Democrats demonize Sinema for standing up for air travelers.Radio interviews/PodcastsWORTH LISTENING TO: On WMAL’s Vince Coglianese Show: Discussing Hunter Biden’s Plea DealOn the Lars Larson Show: To Discuss Murder Rates for Biden and Trump StatesOn WPHT’s The Rich Zeoli Show: To Discuss Murder Rates in Biden and Trump CountiesOn The Bill Cunningham Show: Murder, They Spun: Selective Stats Leave Suspicious Fingerprints All Over the Crime DebateOn the Bill Martinez Radio Show: Discussing Hunter Biden’s Second Amendment Defense PlanOn the Lars Larson Show: To Discuss Hunter Biden’s 2nd Amendment Defense PlanOn America First with Sebastian Gorka: To Discuss Gavin Newsom’s Proposed Amendment to Restrict Gun RightsOn Los Angeles’ The Morning Answer with Jen and Grant: To Discuss Governor Newsom’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Restrict Access to GunsOn the Alan Nathan Show: To Discuss Newsom’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Gun ReformOn the Andy Caldwell Show: Discussing Gavin Newsom’s 28th Amendment for Gun ControlOn The Vicki McKenna Show: To Discuss Common Sense Gun SafetyOn The Lee Elci Show WJJF 94.9: Discussing a wide range of crime and gun control issuesOn Western Montana’s KGVO: Talking about Pistol Braces, Australia’s Gun Control Regulations, “Reasonable Gun Control Laws,” School Shootings, and more.Television Show Bias on GunsTV Media Bias Pushing False Claims about Ghost Guns, NBC’s Law & OrderMore Media Bias: FX’s Class of ’09 show a machine gun attack against an FBI Agent’s wifeMore Media Bias: NBC’s Magnum P.I. show has an organized criminal organization using machine guns to attack MagnumMore Media Bias: More Criminals Using Machine Guns.Defensive Gun UsesDefensive Gun Uses By People Legally Carrying Guns: 30 Cases During April 2023.Media and Other CoverageCPRC in the News: C-SPAN, Washington Examiner, The New York Sun, Breitbart, and much more.Other Recent TestimonyTestimony before the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary on Gun Control.Recent C-SPAN AppearancesGun Control MythsWashington Journal John Lott on Gun Violence in the U.S..OtherWould be Mass Public Shooter Stopped by an Employee with a Concealed Handgun PermitDo Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) know anything about the gun control laws they are voting on?Federal Prosecutors: Black woman with no criminal history facing jail for using marijuana while possessing a handgun and making a false statement about her drug use in buying a gun. White male facing tax evasion for $1.5 million, using cocaine in possession of a handgun and false statement in buying a gun, not going to jail.Would you want to live or not live in a state with increasing taxes, that allowed minors to get gender surgery without parental permission, that encouraged undocumented immigrants, that allowed abortions up to 9 months, had more restrictions on legal gun ownership, and allowed felons to vote? 66% to 34% say NoBiden says “Pistol-stabilizing Braces” turns pistols into guns and make it so that you can have higher caliber bullets coming out of the gunThird Circuit reinstates most of New Jersey’s New Restrictive Concealed Handgun Law, The Importance of Who Appointed the JudgesSoros Backed Prosecutors in Northern Virginia Win Democrat Primaries for Re-electionHow Apple Airtags are Useful in Solving Many Different Crimes.John R. Lott, Jr.President
Crime Prevention Research Center
[email protected]
(484) 802-5373http://crimepreventionresearchcenter.nationbuilder.com/ Crime Prevention Research Center · 3682 KING St, P.O. Box 3243, Alexandria, VA 22302-9998, United States

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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