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The Case for President Donald Trump in 2024

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By Judge John Marshall Meisburg, Jr., 1-2-24

The only man that can save America now, in my opinion, is President Donald Trump.  He must be re-elected!

America is on a terrible downward slide toward socialism, immorality, crime and bankruptcy.  The American dream is fading and so is our faith in God.  Trump is the only man who has the courage, the brilliance and the guts to take on the liberal establishment, get re-elected, and make America great again.

Under President Trump we had peace and prosperity.  There were no foreign wars, and the economy was booming.  Inflation was non-existent, and unemployment was at an all time low for all racial groups. We were moving toward energy independence for the first time in our history.  Our border was secure.  ISIS  was destroyed and terrorism was minimal. Our support of Israel was strong, and we were making historic peace in the Mideast. Our Judeo-Christian values were honored and promoted. Faith in God and America were surging. Our military was respected around the world.   

Now, under Biden, we have wars in Israel and Ukraine, China is threatening Taiwan, inflation is ruining the middle class and causing great misery. It is impossible for young people to buy a home, crime is rampant in our big cities, the police are under threat, our Judeo-Christian values are disrespected, and faith in God and America is at an all time low.

The Democrats have done all they can do to stop Trump from running again for President.  They have actually indicted him four times on frivolous, trumped-up charges. 

The January 6 case has no merit: Trump said “Let’s go up to the Capitol and protest peacefully and patriotically.” He did not call for a riot, or an invasion of the capitol. 

The Georgia indictment has no merit.  Trump just said on a phone call that he suspected fraud in the Georgia election, and said “I need to find 11,000 votes.”  That statement is totally legal and proper.  He did not ask them to find the votes; he said HE needed to find the votes. 

The classified documents case also has no merit.  Trump declassified all the Presidential documents as he left the White House, and kept them all very secure in a locked room at Mara Lago. He was negotiating for their return when the raid was conducted at his home. Biden’s mishandling of documents was much worse, but no indictment for him has occurred. 

The New York real estate case also has no merit.  Trump repaid all the loans in question, and no bank lost a cent; they actually made money. There is no victim.  An expert witness even testified that Trump was accurate in estimating the value of his property on the loan application, which also contained a disclaimer that independent analysis of the value of his property was necessary. 

Biden has done all he can do to destroy America.  He has used the Green New Deal and the Climate Warming hoax to justify government policies that are killing the economy and causing great inflation, adding trillions to the national debt. The ultra extreme liberal agenda of Biden and the Democrats is ruining our country.  The American people do not want the Green New Deal or to get rid of fossil fuels, which have been the foundation of our energy grid and economy for generations. 

We do not want to see biological males in women’s sports.  We do not want to see mortgage rates over 6% and homes unaffordable for our young people. We do not want to see inflation at 10% and a major reduction in our purchasing power. We do not want to see wars in Israel and the Ukraine and military weakness around the globe.  We do not want the government mandating vaccines and actually causing pandemics by funding reckless science experiments.  We do not want the government censoring the news and interfering in our elections.  We do not want the President to weaponize the FBI and Justice Department against his political enemies. We do not want the borders of our country to be open to a flood of illegal immigrants and terrorists so the Democrats can gain votes.  We do not want the government and taxpayers to have to pay off student loans that should be paid by the students.  We do not want the government to promote and legalize the killing of unborn babies, which will incur the wrath of God.  We do not want the government to target Christians and Catholics as terrorists because they are pro life.  We do not want the government to put obscene and profane books and drag queens in our schools, and teach an ungodly sex education to our young people.  We do not want the government to encourage and pay for sex changes and transsexual thinking.  We do not want the government to target parents who want parental rights in education and have the courage to speak at school board meetings. We do not want the government to bankrupt the country by spending trillions of dollars and wars and liberal domestic plans geared to gaining votes.  We do not want the government to promote and legalize sodomy and ungodly marriage.  We do not want the government to turn against Israel and the Jewish people and allow antisemitism on our college campuses. We do not want the government and colleges to brainwash our young people into being socialists and communists.  We do not want the government to try to remove God and our Judeo-Christian values from our schools and the public square.  These are all the evils of the radical Democrat-Biden administration that must be stopped.  President Donald Trump has vowed to change all of these policies on Day One of his second term as President. 

I pray that the American people will wake up and re-elect him next November.  May God have mercy on our country, and may God again anoint and bless President Trump to save America!


Judge John Marshall Meisburg, Jr., was a U.S. Administrative Law Judge with the Social Security Administration for 26 years in Jacksonville, Florida.  He retired as a judge in 2021 and is now living in Fernandina Beach, Florida with his wife of 43 years, Dr. Denise Meisburg. They have six children and 11 grandchildren.  Prior to being a judge, he was a lawyer with the Federal government for 23 years, serving in all three branches of the government, with the U.S. District Court, EEOC, Justice Department, Congress, FDIC and Office of Special Counsel (MSPB). He was in private law practice one year in Washington, D.C. and filed the lawsuit that became the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case on sexual harassment.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Kentucky, and a Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Kentucky College of Law. He is a lifelong Christian, being raised in the Baptist faith in Louisville, Kentucky.  He was an Elder at New Life Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville where he taught Sunday School, the Jewish Roots of the Faith and the Christian Heritage of America. He was a leader of both the National Day of Prayer and the House of Prayer in Jacksonville for over ten years. He has published ten books relating to Christian and legal ssues.  He is now a member of Living Waters World Outreach Center in Fernandina Beach, where he serves in the prayer and home group ministry, and is a member of the Board of Directors for Faith Christian Academy.

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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