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Suspected Pedophile Arrested at Ste. Rd. 200 & Barnwell- Computer & Cell Phone Used

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Law Enforcement

This information was compiled from public arrest records, which contain the following disclaimer: The County Clerk of Court shall not be held liable for use of ANY information contained on this website, which is provided as a public service for informational purposes. PLEASE NOTE that this information is NOT intended to be used as an authoritative public record or as a legal document and shall have no legal force or effect. The User or Users of this website releases the Clerk and Clerk’s employees and agents from any liability and any damages resulting from or related to (a) interrupted service of any kind; (b) The User’s equipment; (c) use of, or viewing of, electronic court records. Nothing in this Agreement may be construed as waiving the sovereign immunity of the Clerk or the Clerk’s employees and agents or of the User’s sovereign immunity, if applicable, or modifying the recovery limits against the Clerk or User as set forth in section 768.28(5), Florida Statutes.

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