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Staci McMonagle for City Commission

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Press Release

By Staci McMonagle


Perhaps more than any other time in history, for all levels of government, it is more important than ever to VOTE! As your “public servant-LEADER” representing the collective voice for our Fernandina Beach community, I am asking for your vote as candidate for Seat 5 of the City Commission. I want to be the bridge between the public and the governing body of the city—representing YOU!

First and foremost, my big picture vision for Fernandina Beach is to preserve, with wisdom, the unique and historic DNA that delights both locals and tourists alike! Most importantly my directive is to protect and preserve our “barrier island’s” natural resources which are so vital! Like a three-legged stool, each dependent upon the other, our tree canopy, dunes and wet-land MUST be a priority! Under this umbrella, I will promote avenues to efficiently and effectively enforce city code and report violations.

Second, the ever growing, bloated budget MUST be addressed! Why has the budget increased every year and ultimately almost doubled over the last eight years? Are your taxes being allocated to best serve the needs of the people? Does the condition of the infrastructure reflect the tax dollars spent. As your elected representative, I will ask these hard accountability questions on your behalf!

In closing, as a community, leaders must be proactive rather than reactive. We must plan and manage our resources, both fiscally and environmentally. This mindset is what will ensure the preservation of our beloved community!

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