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Some Tips on Navigating the Citizens Journal Florida Web Site

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About Us/Navigation

We have designed the CJF site to grow into a full function newspaper over time. As a result, it is inherently more complex than, say, a blog site which might have only a few categories. The mobile site view is slightly different, to adapt for layout and use needs. Its menu may be accessed via the three horizontal bars at the top of the page.

Because we already have many article classifications, we have tried to make it simpler to find what you want. You can access articles by type (news, press releases, events, etc), or topics, or geographical area that they apply to.

Our main menu, near the top, provides access to general categories of:


Putting your cursor (or finger on mobile devices and touch screens), brings you to sub-menus/subcategories. (This and some other site functionality was disabled by a serious  election day 2022 hack, but was fixed some time ago.)

Our latest postings list appears near the top. Most people just use the main menu and this. A lot also look at the category listings below.

Some of our main categories’ articles are displayed down below to enhance visibility. You can drill down to subcategories by holding your cursor on a category.

You can scroll in each category from newest to oldest articles via the arrows <>.

We also have a search box (look for magnifying glass) which works only fair at best. We haven’t implemented a superior Google-like search engine. But you can do that by yourself by using the format (example):  https://www.citizensjournal.net/category/news/fernandina-beach-city-manager-termination  …  in your browser search engine. Try it!

There is also a list of all categories that you can click any selection you want to access all the articles within that category/subcategory.

Clicking the blue-green Citizens Journal Logo should usually take you back to the main page- https://www.citizensjournal.net/

Feel free to send any questions or concerns to [email protected] .

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