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Shining Florida Sunshine from New Hampshire to China

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Press Release

By We the People


To We the People – Once again, much going on:

  1. I sent some of this info a week or two ago, but this edition of Nino’s Corner jaw dropping podcast interview with Mike Gill goes even deeper with evidence into the cartels and their dark money right here in the good ole USA (claiming New Hampshire is ground zero). Mike Gill is on a mission to take down the entire money laundering deep-state house of cards. If you only dive into one thing today, this is the one: https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2023/04/new-mike-gill-david-rodriguez-man-on-a-mission-mad-max-exposing-the-deep-state-money-laundering-system-2540295.html
  1. Thanks to Catherine Englebrecht for making this affidavit from Grant Bradley available, confirming that Konnech has indeed made US poll worker data available to third parties in China. See the attached document (a photo of the affidavit).  
  1. Thanks to one of our members for sending this article in follow up to one of our posts from last week. This time Chris Gleason has submitted a massive FOIA request to our SOS, the Deputy SOS, the Governor, the State CFO, the Asst. General Counsel for the FL DOS,  and an Attorney at the General Counsels Office for the FL DOS, requesting a slew of election records for all 67 FL counties for the 2018, 2020, and 2022 general elections.  Hopefully in reviewing all this data, everyone’s questions about whether or not FL really is the gold standard of elections being free, fair and transparent will finally be put to rest. As they say, sunlight is the best _____.   

In relation to that, you may have heard about James O’Keefe’s new venture, OMG, uncovering massive money laundering (via Act Blue) in political campaigns, creating hundreds and hundreds of big $$$ donations using the names and addresses of totally unaware individuals.  https://twitter.com/OKeefeMedia/status/1640902212745412609?s=20  Chris Gleason claimed (in a letter to Pinellas County SOE Dustin Chase) that it was his own Investigations into Pinellas County shenanigans that, in part, drove O’Keefe’s investigation:  https://www.georgiarecord.com/breaking-election-investigator-gleason-give-pinellas-county-officials-24-hours-to-admit-alleged-election-fraud-sins-or-rico-case-will-be-filed/

  1. A new documentary about the Brunson Brothers will be coming out from Good Lion TV on April 20th called The Flight of the Brunson Brothers. Their fight is not about reinstating Donald Trump, it’s about taking America back. The Brunson Brothers engineered a case to sue the United States congress for not upholding their constitutional oath when a little over two years ago, its members openly stated the election needed to be investigated, and yet, 380+ members ignored their oath and certified the 2020 fraudulent presidential election. If you are on Telegram, you can check out this 4-minute trailer https://t.me/BrunsonBrothersSCOTUS/420   Keep praying for these brilliant trumpeters.
  1. A bit of good news out of Congress: AZ Reps. Gosar and Biggs have introduced a Gold Standard bill to stabilize the Federal Reserve Note (the US dollar) to a fixed weight of gold bullion (HR 2435):  https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/three-gop-reps-introduce-gold-standard-bill-stabilize-dollars-value
  1. Finally, thanks to one of our Jacksonville members, Beth Heath, for forwarding this news about local high schools honoring Vietnam Veterans:

First Coast News Reporter Jeannie Blaylok announced the following plans for First Coast High and other local schools to honor Vietnam Veterans. Please help spread the word to Vietnam Veterans to contact [email protected] | Cell 904-361-8289 to attend these rare events with high school students. First Coast News Announcement below.

“First Coast High is planning a big event at their school to honor Vietnam veterans. The auditorium will have a significant crowd of students to watch our documentary on a large screen on stage. They are even holding a rehearsal for the tech crew and the NJROTC students, who will present the colors and pay honor to the veterans.

The principal’s grandfather is a Vietnam veteran, who, if he’s feeling well that day, may come to the event. 

First Coast High, 590 Duval Station Rd., Jacksonville

April 27th – 12 noon – 2pm

The plan now is to have students ask the veterans some questions. But the veterans coming can just be present. They don’t have to speak at all if that’s their preference.

I will be making a list of all schools that are taking part in this event. They are important, too. I welcome veterans at the other schools.

I just need to know which veterans would like to come to which school. 

Thanks so much. 

Jeannie, Anchor/Reporter, Follow @JeannieBlaylock on Twitter


May God bless and protect America’s Veterans. If the We Can Be Heroes Foundation can be of any assistance to Veterans in this endeavor, please contact 904 705-6439.

Beth Heath

We Can Be Heroes Foundation


May God bless us, every one,


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