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(S)election Code Movie Watch Party and Expert Analysis from Its Creators – Thursday, September 1st

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8-18-22 (originally published 8-9-22)

CCDF-USA Nassau County is bringing the shocking movie of the year and its creators to Fernandina Beach.  Admission is now FREE thanks to CCDF-Nassau sponsorship of the movie!    Reserve your seats today! Tuesday Sept. 1, 5- 8 PM EDT at First Baptist Church Fernandina Beach Registration is required.

See Movie Trailer

Selection Code is a movie documentary exposing the deep secrets behind voting machines – control, manipulation, candidate selection.  If you saw 2000 Mules, you will not want to miss this one.  Facts, data, proof – everything that has been suspected is now revealed with solid proof – and it is bigger than you ever thought.  According to Gregg Phillips who masterminded the technology behind 2000 Mules “there is something 10 times bigger that will change the entire political landscape in the US, and will have repercussions worldwide”.  You will not want to miss this movie.

Click here for Another Trailer for Selection Code

On September 1st, we will have a showing of the movie and then you will hear from the creators – Lara Logan & Matt Thayer along with expert data analysis from Capt. Seth Keshel looking at Nassau & Duval. This is the elite team that put this all together!

Reserve your seat now!

We look forward to seeing you there for this fantastic event.

If you are interested in attending any of the Fundraising VIP sessions where you can speak personally with the creators, please contact Jack Knocke at [email protected]   Subject:  VIP Fundraising Events.  Share your phone number and we will contact you to discuss available options.

Jack Knocke

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