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School Board Cuts Mic on Florida Father; Interest Spikes Amid Parent Rights Group

No Left Turn in Education sees participation more than double in a week

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By CJF Wires and Roy M Postel

07-14-22 Nassau County

A Clay County parent said the local school board cut his microphone off during a meeting last week after he tried to read aloud the “vile” and “pornographic” content found in some of the books found in district libraries.

The video of Bruce Friedman’s appearance at the Clay County School District exploded on social media. Here’s a clip as Friedman attempts to read from Lucky, a book by Alice Sebold, available in the Fleming Island High School Library.

In the video Friedman begins: “I’m going to read things; if there’s children watching, cover their ears,” Friedman said at the meeting.

“I’m going to stop you right there, sir,” someone responded to Friedman, calling to “turn off his microphone, please”:

Friedman and his family moved from New York and is now head of Florida’s No Left Turn in Education. The group has state chapters around the country. It’s national website invites interested parents to become active. The Florida Facebook group has grown by nearly 50 percent in past week according to community of nearly 200.

“Thank you for signing up to fight for our kids! No Left Turn in Education is a national nonprofit organization that stands for excellence in education and fair standards — not indoctrination. You will receive updates from NLTE now,” is the message posted to newcomers.

In recent months particularly, school boards have transformed into battlegrounds as more parents are speaking out.

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Roy M Postel
Roy M Postel
Roy M Postel is a resident of Fernandina Beach ("off Island"). He is a general assignment Citizens Journal Florida reporter with a keen interest in politics and history. He loves to investigate tips from fellow citizens. Contact him at [email protected]
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