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Russian Disinformation?

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By Robert Malone, MD, MS


Back in 2016, I believed that the Steele report was, for the most part, real. I believed that the FBI found compelling evidence that the Russians worked with the Trump organization. So many seemingly precise but faked details. Details, upon details, upon details. Then the Mueller investigation. More Russian disinformation. I believed it because both the corporate media and our government institutions of power were telling us it was true.

Yesterday, we learned from the Durham Report, produced by special counsel John Durham, that most likely it was Clinton and the DNC who worked with the Russians to produce the Steele report. We learned that the usual standards and procedures that the FBI uses were discarded when investigating Hillary Clinton’s server mishaps, the Clinton Foundation, The Steele Dossier and the DNC. We also learned that the FBI disregarded normal procedures when investigating Trump. In his case, they used biased informants, didn’t verify documents (such as the Steele report) and generally were out to get him. Which means Trump wasn’t lying or being paranoid when he said the deep state was out to get him. They were and still are out to get him. He still isn’t lying about that. At this point in time, I am trying to sort out the who, what and where. Frankly, I don’t think anyone can ever sort it out. For instance, main stream media spent the night writing hit pieces on the report, to allay the fears from the liberal side leaning that the report was an indictment against Clinton or the DNC. But it is clear, I believed the lies from the DNC, Clinton and the FBI, and I was duped.

I completely lost faith in the Democratic party years ago. Furthermore, when I look back on their track record over the past decade, I realize that what I believe is good governance, is not how they govern. They have become everything I abhor. Their positions on war, education, urban policy, agriculture, big pharma, big tech, common decency, censorship, propaganda, medicine and regulatory capture – I can’t support any of it. Nothing that has happened over the past two years has made me change my mind about the democratic party. This is not the “Kennedy” democratic party, and there is no going back to the way things once were. Those days are gone.

For myself, I understand better than most just how corrupted our government has become. I have had two plus years of disinformation aimed at me. Literally I am accused of mis-dis-mal information by “fact checkers” almost daily. And those fact checks stay up as a permanent reminder of all my supposed sins. It does not matter if I have been proven right, they never apologize, they never retract. For instance, did you know that I actually said that spike is a toxin? This is just one of my “great lies”. Yep – spike is a toxin – fackchecked to be false and still front and center on Google. All the while the government plants fake information about me. It is a surreal game that I can’t get out of. If I react, I am labelled as reactive, making things up, making false accusations, etc. If I don’t try to fight back (even if I do), their lies get embedded as fact on the front pages of Google. Evidently those original nine patents on mRNA vaccines still aren’t evidence of an invention. According to the fact-checkers, those patents make me a “self-described” inventor.

Their chaos agents try to convince others on our side of the fence that I am “controlled opposition.” My past is dissected as if I was in a position of great power. That I somehow could have changed trajectory of the COVID policy failures. Now these same chaos agents are making up stories that I am responsible for 9-11, the anthrax attacks, had links to Mossad, that I ran secret offensive bio-threat labs, etc. Never mind that the laboratory in question was actually established to support a clinical breast care program. Seriously? The attacks from both sides never seem to end –

One person has literally put out thousands of tweets about me – mostly fake, weaving in all the fabulous exploits that he asserts I am responsible for. They have been working full time for two years on this project. I believe that this person’s attempts at painting me as controlled opposition are all about taking people’s eyes off of HHS, DoD and Fauci’s role in all of this. But who would care so much about me in the deep state to do all this? Maybe I am viewing it wrong? Maybe the government is throwing so much money around to plant stories, making me a target is just about how to spend money, not how to spend money effectively.

As I have written before, following the money can be very helpful. In my case, some of the gang-stalking and cyber-stalking from the deep state can be traced through non-profit astro-turf organizations, up through the Foundation for the CDC to the CDC itself. Clearly the astroturf organizations trying to link me to antisemitism also have deep state roots. But the other chaos agents? Those attacking me from within the movement? I frankly don’t know – but how can I not suspect that these attacks are also coming somewhere in the government.

So, now I am left with reading the Durham report and trying to make sense of it all. Where did the US government go so very, very wrong? What is truly Russian disinformation versus US disinformation? When did the DNC and the FBI become so deeply corrupted?

At 63 years of age, one might think I didn’t have any innocence left to lose. But here I am, trying to disentangle the strands of dis-mis-mal information being fed to us by competing sources from within the government. But the truth is that when the amount of money given from the government to produce psy-ops becomes a driving profit factor for main-stream media and big tech, who can we trust?

Elon Musk has clearly come down on the side that he will have to cooperate with governments if he wishes to keep Twitter alive. His vision of an un-tainted social media platform have vanished (if it ever really existed), as his goals to make “X” a one-stop financial platform are bigger than his goals to keep Twitter free of censorship. It took the threat of loss of profit to get him to hire a WEF official as CEO of Twitter. All appearances are that he has caved to the USG, EU and the WEF. Twitter will revert back to just being another arm of the government, it is just a matter of time and incrementalism.

So, here is an interesting thought. Has the federal government splintered into so many factions that the deep state is starting to turn on itself? Is the use of fake information that is constantly being planted within main stream media become so commonplace that it may take the form of a “circular firing squad”? Whereby different factions within the government continuously plant competing fake news narratives? Are we seeing this play out in real time with the Durham report? The end result of all this will be a complete degradation of public faith in our both our governmental institutions and political parties.

Censorship and propaganda will not protect “democracy” (technically a representative republic), they will destroy it.

I hope that time proves me wrong. But, just as my predictions regarding spike as a toxin and the toxicities of the COVID mRNA products have come to pass, I fear that this prediction will also become yet another inconvenient fact.

Batten down the hatches, build intentional communities, find shelter for you and your loved ones, and get ready for the storm.

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