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Report on the CCDF Local Candidate Vetting

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By Jack Knocke

Common Sense Fernandina Beach/County Citizens Defending Freedom


Have you ever found yourself saying “how can I get information about the candidates to know who I should vote for?”.  It is important to not just throw darts or pick a name you heard.  I get the question all the time “Jack, who should I vote for in the Nassau County local elections.  I don’t know any of the candidates.” 

We have a group in Common Sense/CCDF that is preparing questions for the candidates to inform you and the community so that everyone can vote with transparency as to who the candidates are and what they stand for.  We could use your help if you are interested.   If we can get a little help from everyone, this project will be hugely successful.

I wanted to follow up with you regarding small groups that are forming to focus on Candidates and Election Integrity.  Do you have a few minutes for a quick call to discuss?  Let’s talk about where you may have an interest.  

Here are some of the things we are doing in this area:

Candidate Vetting

  • Creating candidate questionnaire to inform voters of candidate positions
  • Call or meet with the candidates to know their positions on various local issues (City, County, School Board)
  • Help creating a document to Inform the public on key issues
  • Organizing a candidate forum to meet the candidates
  • Administrative support – volunteer coordinator & meeting organizers
  • Track a local race – candidates, issues, updates (city, county, school board)

Election Integrity

  • We have Nassau County voter files
  • Reviewing voter rolls for accuracy.  Leveraging online tools from True the Vote to identify possible problems
  • Reviewing drop box locations and management processes
  • Signing up poll workers and poll watchers

Please call Sandy Kerry [email protected], James Bruner [email protected] or Jack Knocke to discuss.  Please leave us your phone number if you want to talk. We look forward to talking when you have a few minutes.


Jack Knocke
Prospective Affiliate Executive Director– Nassau County, Florida
cell: 470-295-4365 email: [email protected] CCDFUSA.COM

From: James Bruner <[email protected]>
Subject: Report on the CCDF Candidate Vetting Meeting Held at Bruners on 5/10/22

Dear CCDF Ambassadors and Friends,

Attached below is the agenda from our recent Candidate Vetting meeting. At the meeting we identified the difference between Election Integrity and Candidate Vetting, i.e. voter rolls and ballot counting process versus ensuring good candidates for office. Persons interested in Election Integrity were and are directed to Sandy Kerry for coordination. Candidate Vetting was then discussed as detailed in the attached agenda.

As you can see the following volunteer positions on the Candidate Vetting Committee are needed to take on this endeavor. We still need:

1. Volunteer Coordinator

2. Typist to prepare Candidate Questionnaire and Voter Guide. Experience in Xcel and Word formats is helpful.

3.  Race Coordinators ( City, Town, County, and School Board, etc.) 4 -5 people

4.  LABEL Coordinator (Letters to the editors/blogs)

5.  Candidates’ Night Coordinator

Please contact me by email or phone if you would like more information on these positions or would like to serve in such capacity. Signing up as a CCDF Ambassador-Nassau is required (no cost). Do that here.

Please also know that we need your donations to CCDF-Nassau County. Donate here,please. While CCDF-USA processes your gift, the money stays in Nassau County for CCDF-Nassau projects.

This is your chance to help save your community and country.


James H.K. Bruner


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