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Reminder: January 9th – Reclaiming our Education System

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From We The People, 1-2-23

Please join us for an informative and hopeful Happy Hour for Concerned Conservatives 
Monday, January 9th, 2023
from 5:00 to 7:00 pm

at Walkers Landing 
70 Marsh Creek Road, Amelia Island Plantation Fernandina Beach  

Meet like-minded friends & neighbors as we hear from   
Keith Flaugh Founder and Managing Director of Florida Citizens Alliance 

on  Reclaiming our Education System from the Progressives: A Legislative Update 
~ ~ ~ 
$10 Cover Charge, plus  Bring Your Own Beverage and an Appetizer to Share     

Feel free to invite any friends who may have an interest  
RSVP to Deb Boelkes by Thursday, January 5th  904-310-9602  ~  [email protected]  

If you register but are unable to attend, please cancel in advance with Deb  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   
  About Keith Flaugh 
Keith Flaugh is a retired IBM executive with 27 years of experience in finance and marketing. His education includes a BS in Forestry Science and an MBA from the University of Montana. Keith is also a US Army veteran. Keith considers himself a US “Original” Constitutionalist and he is fed up with how our political system has been hijacked by both monopoly parties and the Federal Government. Their policies and abuse of our Constitution are bankrupting us morally and financially.  

Keith is a Managing Director of Florida Citizens Alliance, which in 4 short years has become a respected advocate for K-12 education reform in Florida, based on the fundamental values and principles of liberty, which Keith pursues with unrelenting passion.  During this discussion with We the People, Keith will provide insights on:

The state of education in Florida today The Florida Citizens Alliance K-12 legislative agenda for 2023According to Keith, “We must reclaim our education system from the progressives. Our children are being indoctrinated into socialism. They are our future as a Constitutional Republic. The only way forward is to engage parents, grandparents and other influencers to appreciate the principles of liberty and to help instill these in our children.” Keith and his wife Karen have been married 55 years.  
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