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Regarding CDF-Nassau and Jack Knocke…. Would You Like the Truth?  If So, Read on…. 

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By Janice Knocke, 4-28-23

The past few weeks have been so full of despicable conduct regarding CDF-Nassau (Citizens Defending Freedom) and Jack Knocke, (Nassau Executive Director)….and Cameron Moss’s 4/21 viewpoint really encompasses all the worst.  I’m surprised the News Leader editor published Moss’s hit job. 

A little background…. On 4/5, the News Leader printed a front page story written by Julia Roberts.  Her story was developed around ONE sentence of an email sent to City Commissioners.  An email that expressed concern about the ‘appropriateness’ of having the Gay Pride festival next to the biggest public playground in the city. A public playground that attracts toddlers through elementary age.  A festival where a drag queen performed a show in 2022. (The same drag queen FB Pride highlighted in our 2022 Christmas Parade!)  

Why does this festival have to be held at Central Park?  Answer:  It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t have been approved when Mike Lednovich was the Mayor.  Performances like this were and are against our City Code of Ordinances detailing what is and is not allowed at public parks. Drag Queen shows and other adult themed materials are not allowed.

Now, you may not agree with CDF-Nassau & Jack’s opinion, and that’s fine.  Why isn’t there any debate on this topic?  One side is all about false narratives, name calling and cancellation.   Let’s be clear…. Jack, and everyone else,  has a right to ask a question and express an opinion without being labeled homophobic, transphobic, racist, hate monger, false prophet, election denier, bigot, misogynistic, nazi and more.  Have you heard or read  ANY of this type of hateful language coming from CDF or Jack?  The answer is NO.  Why, because CDF-Nassau doesn’t try to destroy people who express different opinions.  

Now, on to Cameron Moss’s “False Prophets in our Midst’ Viewpoint.  I can tell you that I was at the election integrity meeting he described, I am a part of CDF Nassau and I know Jack Knocke.  My opinion of Moss’s article is as follows.  Moss’s column was a mean, made up false narrative, and written to whip up negative emotions/actions regarding CDF-Nassau and Jack.  We see these underhanded tactics used nationally, and now locally.  Don’t fall for it…and don’t be afraid to speak up!

In the meantime, as our country and economy struggle, Nassau County families work to keep jobs, pay bills and raise happy and healthy kids.  CDF-Nassau is working to inform, engage and empower Nassau County for everyone, despite what the haters say or write. Local Light….Local Action!  Step up and get involved with CDF-Nassau!

– Janice Knocke, happy resident of Fernandina Beach since 2016.

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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