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REAL Derangement Syndrome

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By Sherian Wisher-Berteau, 6-30-23

Hard to believe, but the Democrats are still suffering from TDS( Trump Derangement Syndrome), while failing to recognize their own obvious deranged behavior.

Please allow me to explain what real derangement is- ignoring the mounting stack of credible evidence of the Biden crime family’s corruption, Joe and Hunter protected by our government’s law enforcement agencies and enriching themselves at our Country’s expense. The Biden’s cozy, illegal relationship with China, questionable dealings with Russia and Ukraine, and other countries, and Joe Biden’s clearly diminished physical and mental capacity.

More evidence of RDDS(Radical Democrats Derangement Syndrome),the majority of Democrats turning a blind eye to all the murders, rioting, looting, attacking a Federal Courthouse and even the White House back in 2020.  Calling this “mostly peaceful protests”, to appease their base.  All the blatant lies they keep telling about January 6th; being ok with men competing against women in sports; erasure and mocking of women with the notion that men are women and women are men. Agreeing with the ridiculous, biologically impossible, statements that men can menstruate and get pregnant.  Saying what a great President Biden is and how much he’s accomplished- with rampant inflation, crime ridden cities, open borders allowing criminals and terrorists to compromise our nations security; weak and ineffective foreign policies, allowing our enemies to gain footholds around the world, and destruction of our middle class and economy.  Now that’s delusional, deceptive, and deranged!!!

This is what drives Conservatives crazy- not necessarily the criticisms of Trump, or any conservative politicians, some of which may be accurate; but the total inability to aim that laser focus on the lies, faults, corruption, sometimes criminal, in their own party and politicians.  Even worse, the Democrats rally around and protect these unethical and even criminal politicians., putting their party and agendas above the law and the good of our country.  Seems only the Democrats are never held accountable!  The majority of politicians are slick, practiced manipulators and liars-interested in self-promotion and power.  Sorry, but that’s true in most cases, both sides.  It’s up to us to do our own research to get to the truth, we certainly can’t rely on our media or our government to be truthful.  Most elections I have to just vote for the least EVIL!

The Hillary Clinton campaign engineered and paid for the fake Russian dossier as an opposition campaign strategy.  What’s worse is the fact that Obama and Biden were briefed on this false political hit job according to Horowitz and Durham. Yet, they still allowed it to be perpetuated by feeding information to the mainstream media, and investigated for years by Mueller, which succeeded in greatly dividing the country and hindering Trumps Presidency.  

It’s also been proven Obama spied on Trump’s campaign, and news reporters that they disagreed with.  It’s not conservatives who colluded with big tech and social media to suppress information about Hunter Biden’s laptop and suppress free speech.  Talk about REAL election interference! 

Our country has been decimated by these crazy political biases and policies.  Now, that’s a real example of DERANGED!  Stop the bias and selective outrage, and start admitting our corrupt government, politicians and Washington law enforcement agencies all need to be completely overhauled in order to keep our Democratic Republic… God Bless our country and may God’s perfect justice be done to those doing her harm.

Sherian Wilsher-Berteau is a 3rd generation native Floridian, who grew up in Fernandina Beach. Mother of 4, Gigi to 5- former multiple business owner, now retired & enjoying pursuing my passions-writing, cooking, & travel!

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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