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Publix Sponsors Nassau Habitat for Humanity

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Press Release

By Nassau Habitat for Humanity


Publix Makes it Eleven Years in a Row

Sponsors like Publix are at the heart of our community, giving back to those who support them. Since 2012 Publix has been an annual supporter to Nassau Habitat for Humanity helping to provide the revenue needed to build affordable homes for deserving families. Publix knows, like other area businesses that happy employees become dedicated community members and longtime residents who take pride in their jobs. Publix is one of the country’s largest employee businesses with a reputation for building communities since 1930.

As part of their second annual Tees Fore Keys golf tournament fundraiser, Nassau Habitat is calling on other local businesses to join Publix and become a sponsor.   This non-profit’s efforts to expand the number affordable homes in our community has rapidly grown over the past two years. In the spring of 2023 three new homes will be completed on Elm Street at Vernon. This project will be closely followed by the construction of four new homes aka “Berkman Place” slated to open in the spring of 2024. Become a community builder and sign up today  to sponsor Nassau Habitat Tees Fore Keys golf tournament on April 21st at the Amelia River Golf Club at www.nassauhabitatforhumanity.org .

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