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Proven Big Tech Election Influence/Tampering, Censorship, in Cahoots with Government

Tangled webs, Spanish-speaking employees, and an Amicus Brief

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(mostly fact, but enough opinion to earn this classification)

By Deb Boelkes, 12-31-22

To We the People – Four big items to end the year with:

  1. We’ve talked quite a bit this week about Big Tech firms (Twitter, Facebook and Google) that employed former federal law enforcement personnel to censor those who didn’t align with the far-left’s agenda. Kudo’s to Kanekoa the Great for this extremely detailed substack article about Elon’s bold release of the series of Twitter files ( https://kanekoa.substack.com/p/elon-musk-slams-cisa-censorship-network  in which Kanekoa highlights Dept of Homeland Security’s role in this censorship via a consortium called the Election Integrity Partnership* (EIP), comprised of the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, the Atlantic Councils Digital Forensic Research Lab, and Graphika (a social analytics company). This EIP censorship network partnered with CISA (the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency…a branch of the DHS), the State Department’s Global Engagement center (GEC), and the DHS-backed Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) during the 2020 election cycle….a very tangled web. * editor’s note: NOT to be confused with NGO EIP of CA, AZ, NV, etc. which are legitimate elections watchdogs. 

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, the bottom line is that CISA outsourced censorship to DHS “control partners” to circumvent unclear legal authorities and commit the following violations of the First Amendment:

·         22 Million tweets labeled “misinformation” on Twitter;

·         859 Million tweets collected in databases for “misinformation” analysis;

·         120 analysts monitoring social media “misinformation” in up to 20-hour shifts;

·         15 tech platforms monitored for “misinformation” often in real-time;

·         <1 hour average response time between government partners and tech platforms;

·         Dozens of “misinformation narratives” targeted for platform-wide throttling; and

·         Hundreds of millions of individual Facebook posts, YouTube videos, TikToks, and tweets impacted, due to “misinformation” Terms of Service policy changes that DHS partners openly plotted and bragged tech companies would never have done without DHS partner insistence and “huge regulatory pressure” from government.

Be sure to checkout the bevvy of incidents, accounts, channels, and narratives the speech control network flagged. You can also check out the kinds of things the left was allowed to post. Talk about PROPAGANDA and rigged elections. What has the United States of America become?

  1. Speaking of Kanekoa the Great, he also wrote another interesting Substack article about the Russians’ objective to expose that the “Pentagon’s biologic projects are linked into the US Democrat party, whose leaders act as the masterminds of military- biological research and the creators of covert money-laundering schemes to benefit a narrow circle of US elites.”  No wonder the left labels everything coming from Russia as “disinformation.”   https://bioclandestine.substack.com/p/russian-mil-begin-naming-names-fauci
  1. And now speaking of corrupt elections: The Gateway Pundit wrote an interesting article showing that during the November 2022 election in Maricopa County,  Runbeck purposely used non-English speaking employees to take in invalid ballots (without custody forms that document the number of ballots delivered to Runbeck):

“Anyone in a Penske truck could drop off a cage full of invalid ballots. To the Spanish-speaking staff, this is just another legitimate delivery, no questions asked. These invalid ballots would get scanned and delivered back to MCTEC for tabulation. On the night of Nov. 9th, an entire day after the election, a Runbeck employee was tasked to determine the total number of ballots they received, and provide this to Maricopa. The total jumped 25,000 from the previous day and became Maricopa’s new official count, without explanation.”    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/must-read-maricopa-county-2022-corruption-runbeck-used-spanish-speaking-employees-quit-running-counts-election-day-ballots/  

  1. Now, ending with some good news out of California (of all places): An Amicus Brief was filed on the behalf of the Raland Brunson SCOTUS case on Wednesday, 12/28.   https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/22-380/251021/20221228220520289_NCS51%20Amicus%20Brief_2022-12-28.pdf 

The brief was filed by Paul Preston (individually—as an elector in Sutter County, CA and as the President of the New California Movement), and New California State (NSC51—a 501c4 Association founded in 2017 to achieve a Constitutional state split in 1Q23, modeled after the procedure to create West Virginia). The brief states that the then-VP Mike Pence ignored the letter from petitioner notifying him that the Presidential Ballots didn’t comply with CA law and therefore could neither be cast nor counted. By ignoring the warning, Mr. Preston and the people comprising the New California State organization were harmed. The brief goes on to assert and explain how the Defendants who violated their oath, by failing to investigate and take action against those who act to subvert the Constitution, committed “treason.” The brief closes by saying: “Petitioners Petition for Certiorari should be granted, and, further, granted on its face without necessity of a hearing.”  

Have a wonderful, joyous, and relaxed New Year’s celebration, and then buckle up for the fire and furry that will probably start next week,


Deb Boelkes

Founder, Business World Rising, LLC 

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