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“Pride” Festival in the Middle of Fernandina Beach’s “Kids Zone”

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By Jack Knocke, 4-10-23

Central Park in Fernandina Beach has been improved dramatically thanks to a generous contribution of a local resident. This Sunday the park was packed with children & parents – a beautiful sight. Kudos to the resident who made this possible and our creative Director of Parks and Rec. Why, I wonder, would the City of Fernandina Beach now give a permit to the Fernandina Beach Pride group (FB Pride) to host multiple events in this park with this sexual orientation group hosting drag shows or similar activities in our park in front of our children?

Let me clarify. We have no objection to the right to free speech, right to assemble and the right to choose who you love. We love all people regardless! We object to possibly harming young children and exposing them to harmful sexual content. We would equally object if Hugh Hefner sought to bring his Playboy organization to our park. It is inappropriate for children.

Here’s the background. Julia Roberts’ recent front-page article in the News Leader on April 5th noted that Citizens Defending Freedom – Nassau (CDF-Nassau) accurately stated that we have concerns that FB Pride is seeking to have multiple events on city property in front of our children – at parks and in parades. Absolutely, we object.

In the article, Roberts quotes Genece Minshew, President of FB Pride, as saying that Mayor Bradley Bean “does not want this to go any further”.

In the Roberts article, Minshew noted that Mayor Bean “seemed to think that as long as we did not have a kids zone (we don’t) all was well. Seemed odd, but I did not pursue.“ A seemingly innocent response from Minshew. Who me?

The Mayor may have expressed concern because last year the FB Pride event included a kids zone and a drag queen show. See the promotional poster from FB Pride 2022 (above image).

Remember, this “Pride Festival” is supposed to be held at Central Park adjacent to the City of Fernandina Beach’s new children’s playground. The City Park is, by default, a kids zone!

Fernandina Beach Central Park Playground

What is being played off in the article is that the event is an innocent, family friendly event, when it is not. Roberts accurately states FB Pride “traditionally celebrates and commemorates the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community”.

Did the Drag Queen Show from last year’s celebration violate Florida child protection laws?
Roberts accurately states that Citizens Defending Freedom – Nassau (CDF-Nassau) is “an organization that empowers and equips American citizens to defend their freedoms and liberties at the local level”.


Citizens Defending Freedom has been defending freedom here in Nassau County and across Texas, Florida and Georgia – exposing forced and harmful vaccine mandates, opposing pornographic books in schools, and removing Soros District Attorney’s. CDF-Nassau has grown dramatically in the past few months as our local community observes and addresses political overreach, lack of transparency, media manipulation, misrepresentation and political retaliation. Our first choice is to build relationships and resolve issues privately.
Why did Julia Roberts not do the “reporter” thing and ask questions about having the Pride Festival in a city park right next to new playground equipment for children?

Why were unsubstantiated “claims of violence” claimed by Minshew and reported by Roberts? Was this just a media ploy to sensationalize nonexistent issues?

Working together – not violence – is the answer. FB Pride should seek an alternative site that is not near the children’s playgrounds.

Jack Knocke is the County Executive Director of Citizens Defending Freedom – Nassau. (CDF-Nassau). They equip and empower American citizens to stand for and preserve freedom for themselves and future generations. You can reach Jack at [email protected]. https://ccdfusa.com/fl-nassau/

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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