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Pride Before Destruction (Uh-Oh)

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By Sherian Berteau, 5-31-23

There was an article in Citizens Journal about God’s rainbow and Purity Month that I loved and got me thinking about the whole Gay Community movement and their misguided agendas. Let me share some interesting observations with you. Please also understand I do not hate gay people- only their choice of a sinful lifestyle that goes against Biblical teachings.

First, the rainbow symbol that they have co-opted really offends me.  The rainbow, as every Bible believing Christian knows, came from a beautiful covenant between God and man.  God set His rainbow in the sky after the great flood as an enduring promise not to ever destroy mankind again with a flood.  For the gay community to use this as their symbol is sacrilege.  I wonder if it Is intentional and another way to be in-your-face to Christians?  As they are always screaming about being offended – I feel free to express all my offenses as well!

Homosexuality is not a new thing- been around since the beginning of time.  Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because the Bible says, God considered homosexuality “ an abomination”.  It is a perversion of Gods intent for human intimacy, sexuality, and procreation between a married man and woman.  Not that homosexuality is the only perversion and sin.  God did not intend for humans to have any sexual relations outside of marriage.  He instructs us that because we are divine creations made in Gods image, and we all have the benefit of the divine wisdom Jesus left with us through the Holy Spirit that dwells within us, our bodies should be treated as a holy temple.  

With the “Sexual and Women’s Liberation”movements that happened in the 1960’s and 1970’s, most of us have treated our bodies more like a playground, than a holy temple! Since I was born in the 1950’s, I was coming of age at this time and duly influenced by our permissive culture, even though I was raised in a Christian home with godly parents. While not as naughty as some, I did my share, and dealt with some serious consequences.  I acknowledge my past sins, ask forgiveness, and have tried to live a life as a devoted wife and mother of four, and one more pleasing to God.

Now, when I was young, I looked at Gods instructions and commandments as just another patriarchal practice of control.  As I have grown older (and a little wiser, I hope) and as a lifelong believer and follower of Jesus, I realize Gods intentions are always in our best interest.  The Creator loves and cares for His creations.  Sex outside of a marital relationship causes all kinds of complications and problems for us; God sees it as a sin, and sin has serious consequences.  I have come to realize sex, used strictly as physical desire, lust and pleasure was not God’s intention. We humans have perverted God’s divine intention of human sexuality as a means for intimacy, connection and procreation strictly between husbands and wives. In a loving, respectful marital relationship, sexual intimacy is a beautiful, fulfilling act.  It also results in procreation and establishment of a family, which is a Godly desire as well, and is necessary for a successful community and country.

Now for the “Pride” connotation.  Another interesting choice. The Bible scripture says “Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall.”  Hmmmm- this is definitely a problem.  Pride causes all sorts of sin and is an easy trap to fall into.  When we consider ourselves as mini-gods, and consider our opinions and intellect higher than others, we are tempted to commit sins of vanity and pride.   The definition of haughty is “ arrogantly superior and disdainful”.  This goes right along with the insistence of the gay community to accept, endorse and support all of their activities and so-called rights or you are “a hater”, a homophobe, and a bigot.

I  am not a hater, and since phobia means fear and I am definitely not afraid of homosexuals, not that either. Also, not a bigot, but no, I will never comply – I cannot as a Christian.  When people abuse their freedoms and think their rights supersede everyone else’s that doesn’t represent the “inclusiveness” they claim to want.  As a heterosexual, their initials don’t include me! It only serves to further divide us.  

As adults, God gives us free will and adults make their own choices and must deal with the consequences of those choices. Live and let live, and treat others with respect.  But, that does not mean endorse or support sinful choices. When “pretend-men” ( I refuse to use the trans word-no such thing, God created you and doesn’t make mistakes!), think they have the right to replace women and take away opportunities from actual women in sports, education, and jobs, it should not be acceptable to anyone.  Talk about the ultimate patriarchal privilege…. Everyone knows men have a biological advantage of strength over women- it is patently unfair in sports.  The creation of Title 9 proves that.  Besides, what kind of man is proud of defeating a woman physically?  The fact that they are trying to portray men pretending to be women as better than actual women, showering them with honors and awards that should go to actual women, is supremely insulting and offensive to me as an actual woman.  Just because current culture changes the terminology and societal norms, does not make it acceptable.  

God’s laws supersede man’s.  And speaking of this anomaly, if you can just decide you are a different gender, why is it necessary to mutilate yourself with gender surgery???? Very confusing.

But, let me clear, because the most disturbing part to me of the gay culture is the idea that children and minors are fair game sexually. YAPS and MAPS ( youth attracted people and minor attracted people) are the latest abomination. Pedophilia is one of the most egregious sins, damaging children for life in the most heartbreaking ways.  It is disgusting. Period.

The more recent revelations that they are targeting and indoctrinating children and minors should be a call to action for all parents.  There are abundant examples of this that have recently come to light, especially in public education.  As taxpayers, paying for our public schools and colleges, this is extremely offensive to Christian parents.  Some in the Gay culture seem to think children are mini- adults and have the maturity and wisdom to understand these adult issues.  They DO NOT….and this is another wrong concept of the agenda.  Gender Confusion, sexual confusion, and moral confusion is from Satan, not God.

One more issue- Same sex marriage should not be called a marriage.  Marriage has been the term used forever to represent a God ordained, sacred union between an actual man and a woman.  It may be legal now, but it’s not Godly.  Call it a “ gayrriage” or a civil union, anything but marriage.  Once again, going against Biblical values, a moral society, and offensive to a large part of the Christian community. 

As Christians we are called to love everyone, which we all aspire to.  That does not mean we love sinful behavior which separates us from God.  Our duty as Christians is to bring people TO God, not SEPARATE them from God. Stand up and speak out against ungodly culture and laws.  My daily prayer is for God to open eyes, hearts and minds to Him.  We must dispel confusion, and trust God.  He is our only HOPE. Pray for Gods Blessings, America and all her people.  We sure need it. 

Sherian Wilsher-Berteau is a 3rd generation native Floridian, who grew up in Fernandina Beach. Mother of 4, Gigi to 5- former multiple business owner, now retired & enjoying pursuing my passions-writing, cooking, & travel!

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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