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Now Too Afraid to Protest?

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By Deb Boelkes, 3-21-23

In case you don’t happen to follow Professor David Clements on Telegram, thought you might enjoy this series of his posts from yesterday, 3/20, regarding your rights (AND DUTY as a patriot):

I’m seeing all the hot takes on “how to protest without getting arrested,” or whether to protest at all. Patriotism rooted in the fear of what a tyrant may do in response is not patriotism.  It’s self-preservation bordering on cowardice being masked as wisdom. Freedom is worth being arrested for.  It’s worth being imprisoned for.  It’s worth dying for. Count the costs, and take responsibility for your decision.  But stop acting like your advice is anything more than a cover for what it really is. If you won’t stand today, you won’t stand tomorrow.  You will never stand. I would rather cast off the chains of mental slavery and sit in a cage, then pretend there is a safe way to exercise rights against a tyrant.

Now substitute the First Amendment right to peacefully protest with the Second Amendment right to bear arms….If a “law” was “passed” to confiscate your firearm, I could see the same talking heads urging you to do the safe incremental “thing.”  

“Let them take one gun, but hide one away.”

“But in the meantime, write a scathing letter to your US Congressman letting them know how disappointed you are.”

After all, if it’s too dangerous to protest, it logically follows that it’s too dangerous to escalate matters with gun ownership when the government has bigger weapons. Now examine all of your rights this way.

Friends, if you are too afraid to exercise your rights, you have already lost them.

I speak with J6ers everyday.  Even those still imprisoned. You know what pisses them off royally? That their act of courageous protest on J6 was counted as stupidity. That the lesson to be learned from that day was not to be more like them in their courage, but rather to do the exact opposite of what they did. What a terrible way to demean their sacrifice.  What the J6ers did was heroic, rare, amazing, courageous, patriotic, and should be remembered that way. There is no safe way to protest against a tyrannical regime.

If there was no “J6” protest in 2021—what would that mean? It would mean that theft of the most consequential election in our nation’s history did not matter enough to the American people. It would mean that we were too asleep to notice what the deep state carried out on November 3rd 2020. That we were so delusional to believe in a scenario where peaceful restoration of 45 would have taken place with no visible outcry from the public. That the crime of high treason was far inferior to the “crime” of patriots walking into a capitol to hold the very [s]elected officials responsible for orchestrating the cover up accountable. Friends, the only failure of the “J6” protest was that 74 more million people should have shown up, and 74 million people should have never left until the rightful president was inaugurated.

Apparently, the new breed of patriotism is to convince people to wait to fight for liberty until there is a neon sign that declares it’s entirely safe to do so.

Soldier: “General Washington, I’d advise against crossing the Potomac. It’s quite cold.”

General Washington: “That’s quite sensible.  Let’s regroup after we do a Twitter spaces.”

Peter: “Jesus, the Pharisees are calling your claim of being the messiah “the big lie.”  I just got called a “messiah denier.”  If we back off a bit, I’m sure we can regroup and get your message across without any floggings or crucifixions.”

Jesus: “Tell me more Peter.  People are debating what I should do on Twitter spaces.”

Braveheart II – Scene [outside Trump Tower]

First Scotsmen: “We will not exercise our First Amendment rights.  We will go home, and we will watch the Mandalorian season 3.”

Second Scotsmen: “Yes, because Antifa and the undercover FBI informants are too many!”

William Wallace: “Yes, you can go home and you can watch Mandalorian season 3.  You can wear a mask.  You can take a death jab because you need to keep your job.  You can even let the Marxists steal another election.  But one day, many years from now, when you are sitting in your lazy boy with blood clots, with your daughter wanting gender reassignment surgery, when Kamala Harris is beginning her third term, what would you give for one chance—just one chance—to peacefully protest in a relatively benign environment if you just keep your wits about you!?”

From Deb:

Finally, just a reminder that although I haven’t yet sent the official invitation, We the People will hold a special event on Saturday, April 15th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM featuring Professor David Clements (former Prosecutor and Law Professor from New Mexico) who is touring the country speaking on what citizens can and should do regarding election integrity. Invitations that will provide the location will go out soon.  

Deb Boelkes

Founder, Business World Rising, LLC 

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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