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New UN-backed Legal Recommendations Normalize Sex with Minors, Outraged Critics Say

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By Kerry Byrne, Fox News


A shocking report issued by international legal experts with the backing of the United Nations appears to open the floodgates to normalize sex with minors.

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” the Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists wrote in March with an assist from UNAIDS and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The report is titled “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.”

It is published front-and-center on the group’s website.

It does not actively call for decriminalizing sex between adults and minors. But it states that children have both the capacity and the legal right to make sexual decision

“According to the United Nations, children may consent to sex with adults. This has been the plan all along,” social media influencer Ian Miles Cheong tweeted over the weekend to his 538,000 followers.

The report does not offer a suggested age of sexual consent.

It was released on March 8 in recognition of International Women’s Day, the commission states online, suggesting there is a connection between women’s rights and age of sexual consent.

Read the full article here: New UN-backed legal recommendations normalize sex with minors, outraged critics say (yahoo.com)

Editor’s note:

Meanwhile, “fact-checkers” are already trying to spin what the words mean. Here’s AP’s take on it, which says they don’t want to decriminalize it. Well, that’s because the UN team believes it’s already a “right.”

UN report did not call for decriminalizing sex between adults and minors

CLAIM: A new United Nations report calls for decriminalizing sexual activity between adults and minors. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. A report published in March by the Internat…

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