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New Florida Parents’ Rights Website

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By Jeff Childers


The Florida Department of Education published a new parents’ rights website this week: https://www.fldoe.org/ParentalRights/

The website rounds up information and tools for parents of school kids in Florida. It also provides an email address for reporting concerns, presumably violations by teachers or administrations: [email protected]

Even better, it mentions the top concern my office is hearing from parents these days — inappropriate sexual materials in schools, and the DOE strongly suggests that kind of material could be a CRIMINAL matter:

Florida law makes it illegal for an adult to knowingly distribute to a minor on school property, or post on school property, any pornographic or harmful materials, as defined in law. If you have questions or concerns regarding the potential introduction of pornographic or other materials harmful to minors within your child’s school, please contact your local state attorney’s office.

Source: Appeared in 7-31-22 Covid & Coffee Blog

Jeff Childers is an attorney, based in Gainsville, but also has a home in Fernandina Beach

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