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National Day of Prayer Event in Fernandina Beach May 11

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From National Day of Prayer of Nassau County Committee

National Day of Prayer 2023

It has become apparent, especially in recent days, that in our nation, in our small community, and even in our churches, there is division that is leading to unhealthy tension and hostility. We need radical change! From a Christian worldview, we would call this a need for spiritual revival.

Only the transforming power of God can bring about necessary and genuine change in the
hearts of men and women. This change and spiritual revival must begin with us individually, and then spread to our families, our churches, our community, our nation, and then finally to the ends of the earth. If you would like to be a part of entreating God for this revival and change, then join us at the National Day of Prayer of Nassau County at First Baptist Church of Fernandina on Thursday, May 11, at 7:00 p.m. This is not a First Baptist event, but a gathering of all God’s people from all over Nassau County. We will be joined by numerous pastors and churches serving our county, a community choir comprised of members from various churches, a contemporary worship team, and we will have local men and women address issues and concerns that impact all our lives. But of primary importance, we will have the opportunity to pray and seek God! Even if you do not hold to our Christian worldview, but you are looking for answers to real problems, then we invite you to attend also.

Mike Isbell
NDP of Nassau County Committee

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