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Nassau County Publishes 2022 Annual Report at the Winter
Strategic Planning Session

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Press Release

By Nassau County Board of County Commissioners


Nassau County, Florida, March 17, 2023 – County Manager, Taco Pope, hosted the 2023
Winter Strategic Planning (WSPS-23) of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The
WSPS-23 is annual event where the BOCC discusses the strategic direction of the
organization, defines organizational priorities, allocates resources, and serves to ‘kick-off’ the County’s annual budget development process.

As part of the WSPS-23, County Manager Pope presented the BOCC with the County
Manager’s 2022 Annual Report. The report highlights achievements, projects and initiatives
of the BOCC, county staff, and management from the period of October 1, 2021 through
September 30, 2022. The report provides great insight into the County’s operations, progress in executing directives of the elected body, and priorities of the BOCC.

“A look back at 2022 illuminates the dedication of County employees, local leaders, and
elected officials in promoting the long-term best interests of Nassau County residents. While Nassau is in the midst of extraordinary change, local leaders continue to champion a
collaborative and community-based approach to governance that places quality-of-life and
generational sustainability at the apex of decision making.” – Taco Pope, AICP, County

We would encourage residents, partner agencies, and interested parties to view the 2022
Annual Report at: https://bit.ly/NC2022AnnualReport.

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