Nassau County FL Voting Districts and Candidate Info

By Deb Boelkes


Editor;’s note: Last we heard. the district assignments are still uncertain since a judge put an injunction out on the redistricting.

 Thanks to our Supervisor of Elections, Janet Adkins, we now have the latest scoop on the newly signed Congressional Districts for Florida. A lawsuit has been filed against the DeSantis-approved Congressional redistricting map, so things remain unsettled. That said, given the timeframe to qualify, there is limited time to file and qualify, so changing anything now could cause chaos. Most everything you want to know about Nassau County elected positions / candidates can be found on the SOE’s website at, which also included the latest DeSantis-approved Congressional map.

The Congressional Districts can be found directly at

This map is expandable, so you can drill down to see that all of Nassau County is in the new District 4. Essentially, the south eastern border of District 4 now runs  along the St. John’s River, with a tiny exception just north of the Arlington Expressway in JAX, and along the river, over to the Dames Point Bridge.  Everything south / east of the St. Johns river is the new District 5, which will be Congressman John Rutherford’s new district.

You can see all the other voting district maps for Nassau County at

(Under Voters > Maps & Districts …and then look for the specific district you are interested in, such as “Nassau County Commission, School Board, and Ocean Highway & Port Authority District,” or “Florida House of Representatives Districts,” or “Florida Senate Districts,” etc.

All maps are approved with the exception of the Congressional map which is subject to the pending the lawsuit.

For your convenience:

State House District 15 is at:

State Senate District 4 is at:

The Candidates who have filed to run for Nassau County offices can be found at:

Candidates who wish to run for Nassau County office can find Qualifying info at:  Note that filing to run in the county is a 3-steps process (see this page ^): 1) Filing for Office, 2) Qualifying for Office, and 3) Scheduling an Appointment  (click on the red “Schedule an Appointment” button at the bottom of the page of Step 1 or 2 to request an appointment to meet with the Candidate Services Department and submit the qualifying forms).

Candidates who wish to run for State House Rep or State Senate, US Congress or other State-level position file in Tallahassee. Qualifying info is available at

The info on how to run for Congress in in a nice 13-page handbook at

Thanks to our member who sent this article about Rory Diamond possibly running for Congress in the “new” District 4:

An important state level seat to watch is Agriculture Commissioner. Remember this position handles Second Amendment issues. Check out this article:

Things are heating up. If you want to run for any of the open seats, now is the time to get serious.

As Genera Michael Flynn says, “Local action has national impact.”

Think about that,


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