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Nassau County Emergency Management

For information, assistance

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With the hurricane season in full swing, people may want to know where they could turn for information or help. Nassau County Emergency Management is a good place to start.

Keep this URL available: https://www.onenassau.com/

Better yet, sign up to get bulletins sent to your email and/or phone: https://www.onenassau.com/citizens-alerts/

Their number- 904-548-0900

Our Alert Nassau Citizen Alerts system is part of the Alert Florida Statewide Notification System, a mass notification tool that lets public safety officials rapidly warn the population about imminent or sudden hazards via phone, text message, email, social media, and mobile apps.

Residents, business owners, and visitors who want to receive these local alerts must “Opt-In” via the secure Alert Nassau Citizen Alerts website and provide their personal contact and location information. Choose a username and password you will remember – you will need them to log back into Citizen Alerts to make changes.

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