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Monday: Weigh in on Nassau County School Tax Increases

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By George Miller, 9-10-23

School tax increases are on tomorrow’s (9-11-23) Nassau County School Board meeting agenda, which features the final budget. Basic rates (millage) weren’t raised, but opponents say that rapidly growing property assessments have vastly increased school taxes and that last year’s referendum increased them still more, since rates are based upon property value assessments. There is also controversy about the actual amount the 1 mill incremental increase generates and its use vs. promises made. You may want to go there and weigh in, or send the board/Superintendent a note and make reader comments on our articles here.



The school budget has soared upward disproportionally in recent years, even considering inflation and student body growth. Is it justified? Decide and let board members know.

Just for information, last year’s total budget was $248,000,000, for about 12,000+ students, which was already well over $20,000 per student. It will go significantly higher if the proposed budget is approved.

Without going into all the details in this article, here instead are some past, relevant CJF articles, both pro and con. You can find more in other local publications, too.

Answers from School Board on Tax Questions

September 8, 2023

Feature By Deb Boelkes, We The People Fri, Sep 8 at 3:18 PM To We the People – Today we have some replies from the school board,…

School Board Proposes Third Consecutive Year of Reduced Millage Rates

July 26, 2023

Press Release By Nassau County Board of County Commissioners 07-24-23 Nassau County, Florida, July 24, 2023 – On Monday, July 24, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners held…

Nassau County Schools – Blocking Oversight

August 10, 2023

Press Release By Citizens Defending Freedom- Nassau County, 8-10-23 Thanks to the Citizens Journal for covering this important school budget oversight issue. The decisions made by…

Nassau Voters Pass Controversial School Tax While Questions Linger Over County Funds

November 18, 2022

News By Kevin Harris, 11-18-22 Nassau County voters narrowly approved a school district referendum enacting a 4-yearproperty tax during the November 8 midterm election, to largely…

TOPIC SEARCH: https://www.citizensjournal.net/?s=nassau+school+board&post_type=post

School Board Selects Leftist Extremist Over a Qualified, Experienced Candidate for Review Board

August 9, 2023

Opinion By George Miller, 8-7-23 Back in May of 2022, Rich Lamken, a Citizens Defending Freedom Board member and Education Lead at the time asked the…

Nassau County Public Officials Contact Information

August 9, 2023

Resources last updated 8-9-23 Nassau County School Board Shannon Hogue, District 1,   [email protected] 904-556-1568 Gail Cook, District 2,  [email protected] 904 261-9127 Curtis Gaus, District 3,   [email protected] 904-887-9071 Dr. Cynthia Grooms, Chair, District 4,  groo[email protected]   904-845-8105 Lisa…

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of Citizens Journal Florida, based in Fernandina Beach. He is a “retired” operations management consultant, software and publishing executive (10 years) and manufacturing management professional.

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