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Moment of Truth, Justice and the American Way

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By Deb Boelkes


To We the People – FIRST, I know some of you watched at least part of Day II of Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth symposium yesterday. If you missed it, it can still be viewed in its entirety or in part on Frankspeech.com. The whole point of the Lindell event was to prove that ALL electronic voting machines everywhere in the US must be eliminated, and only paper ballots, voted by hand count should be the only method used for all elections going forward.     

I highly recommend watching at least the last two hours of the Sunday event, which is when the real bombshell dropped, showing the sworn testimony / affidavits signed by the world’s top cyber experts, including  whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, that the voting machines in every state / county (regardless of vendor) are programmed intentionally in such a way that the voting records / vote counts can be modified without anyone ever being able to detect that a modification to the data occurred!  

Lindell ended the event by urging everyone in every county to submit a CAST VOTE RECORD request for the November 2020 election to your Supervisor of Elections, and then provide that report to your County Sheriff to investigate. Timing is of the essence, because federal law only requires voting records for the 11/2020 election to be maintained until September 3, 2020. At that point the voting records no longer need to be maintained unless state law specifically requires longer maintenance.

Lindell said you could download a  CAST VOTE RECORD request form from the Frankspeech App, but as of this morning, I still can’t seem to find or download any such item from the app or website. Meanwhile, I plan to  send a formal email request to our SOE.

For those of you who did not see Saturday’s Day I event when Florida made their report during the State of the States portion, you can see it at https://frankspeech.com/video/florida-election-fraud-moment-truth-summit  The Florida report was made by Raj Doraisamy of Defend Florida, who summarized the results of the canvassing they did in 32 of 67 Florida counties. He then explained how they then worked with the Florida Legislature, Secretary of State, and the Governor’s office to get our 2022 Election Integrity legislation passed to criminalize many aspects of vote fraud.   Just so you know, as a member of the Nassau County Supervisor of Elections Advisory Council, I reviewed the preliminary graphical report results created by Defend Florida with our SOE earlier this year.  

By the way, I re-listened to Saturday’s prologue to the showing of Selection Code.  My interpretation of their statements regarding why Lara Logan was cut out of the movie, may be due to her desire to take a deep dive into “Who Dunnit.” They didn’t want to get into “Who Dunnit” in this movie. Instead, the intention of Selection Code is to get people to agree that we should never again use electronic voting machines (perhaps there will be another movie in the future about Who Dunnit?).   To see the full report of what went on in Mesa County,  CO go to https://tinyurl.com/mesa-report-3, where you can download the pdf of the #3 report, in addition to viewing a video with cyber experts Dr. Walter Daugherity and Jeffrey O’Donnell discussing the Mesa County CO Report #3.

BTW, cyber experts O’Donnell and Daugherity did a superb job on Day 2 of the event explaining, in no uncertain terms, why the 2020 vote in Fulton County, GA MUST BE DECERTIFIED (my words, not theirs).

NEXT, thanks to Albert Wagner, candidate for Nassau County School Board Member in District 3, for sending me the original draft of an article he had published in the Yulee News (both online and in paper format) earlier this month, titled What Happened to the “WE in We are Nassau?”. According to Albert, the online version for some reason didn’t indicate who authored it: https://theyuleenews.com/2022/08/04/what-happened-to-the-we-in-we-are-nassau/  The original, by Albert Wagner, is attached here. It’s well worth your time to read this article to see his perspective on what has happened in Nassau County Schools since 2018.

Finally, Congratulations to our current Congressman John Rutherford for being endorsed by President Trump in his race in the new Florida Congressional District 5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianbushard/2022/08/20/trump-endorses-matt-gaetz-in-primary-after-opponent-accused-him-of-being-fbi-informant/?sh=6fa576ce506f Note,  Trump has not endorsed anyone in our Congressional District 4 race.

Be sure to vote in the Florida Primary tomorrow, if you have not voted already.  Together, we will take our country back…

Just know who you are voting for,

Deb Boelkes

Founder, Business World Rising, LLC 

Keynote Speaker and award-winning Author of: 

Women on Top: What’s Keeping You From Executive Leadership?

The WOW Factor Workplace: How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture

Heartfelt Leadership: How to Capture the Top Spot and Keep on Soaring

And coming soon:

Strong Suit: Leadership Success Secrets from Women on Top

Office: 904-310-9602

DebBoelkes.com || BusinessWorldRising.com || HeartfeltLeadership.com

Success just got easier ®

Deb Boelkes is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, symposium producer, and founder of Business World Rising, LLC. She is a Conservative patriot, based in Fernandina Beach.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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