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Middle School Student Arrested After Bringing Gun to School

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Press Release

By Nassau County Sheriff’s Office


This afternoon, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an 8th grade student bringing a firearm to school at Yulee Middle School. The school was placed on a hold and the student was immediately detained.  A school official received a tip that a student had a gun in their backpack. After the student was escorted by our SRO and school administrators to the front office it was discovered that the student had an unloaded gun in his backpack. Sheriff Bill Leeper said the student told deputies that he brought the gun to school  not to hurt anyone but “for his own protection.” That firearm, an unloaded revolver, was secured however there were also bullets inside the backpack and the student was arrested by NCSO. Bringing a weapon to school is a felony and this individual will not be returning to Yulee Middle School.

“We are thankful that a student reported this incident quickly and our students are safe. It’s important for parents to stress to their children the seriousness of this situation and understand that anyone who brings a weapon to school will be arrested,” Sheriff Bill Leeper said.  

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