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Marriage Vote POSTPONED—There’s Still Time to Make Your Voice Heard TODAY! (Passed by House 12-8-22)

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Press Release

By FRC Action, 12-6-22

Dear George, This week, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on final passage of the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act to redefine marriage in federal law without meaningful religious liberty protections. Marriage redefinition isn’t the only thing on the line this week. We’re past the election, and this is the last hurrah for House Democrats before Republicans take the majority in January, so of course liberal members are cooking up lots of other mischief! As the House and Senate negotiate on the National Defense Authorization Act (the annual “must-pass” bill to fund the military and give raises to our men and women in uniform), several other issues are also at stake: forcing women to register for the Selective Service (which would be used for the draft, if and when it is reinstated);adding an unrelated amendment to liberalize banking laws to make marijuana even more prevalent in our communities; and adding other amendments to fund abortion travel from pro-life states and use the military as a social experiment on gender identity. Click here to tell Representative Rutherford NOT to vote to redefine marriage, and to tell Representative Rutherford, Senator Rubio and Senator Scott to insist on a “clean” National Defense bill! Thank you for standing with us for faith, family, and freedom! The work is ours, but the results belong to God. By taking action today, you will be joining literally hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans in making your voice heard. Grateful to be standing with you, 
Quena González
Senior Director of Government Affairs
FRC Action
801 G Street NW, Washington, D.C. 200011-877-372-2808 | Contact FRC Action
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