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March 6 – 1776 Rewind: The Great Awakening

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Press Release

By We the People


Please join us for an energizing and hopeful Happy Hour for Concerned Conservatives on Monday, March 6th, 2023 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at Walkers Landing 70 Marsh Creek RoadAmelia Island PlantationFernandina Beach.

Meet like-minded friends & neighbors as we hear from  Sonny B. Patriot and Author of  1776 Rewind: The Great Awakening is Revolutionary 
~ ~ ~ 
$10 Cover Charge, plus  Bring Your Own Beverage and an Appetizer to Share     

Feel free to invite any friends who may have an interest  

RSVP to Deb Boelkesby Thursday, March 2nd  904-310-9602  ~  [email protected] 

 If you register but are unable to attend, please cancel in advance with Deb  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   
  About Hassan Bartley AKA Sonny B. Pen named Sonny B, Hassan Bartley is a proud, black American patriot of the greatest country in the world. Hassan highlights his ethnicity to let you know that not all blacks are  controlled, brainwashed, ignorant, ill-informed or in the dark because of a disingenuous media and the ‘Cancel Culture’ of Big Tech. 

Sonny and his lovely wife of 25 years feel very blessed to have had 6 wonderful children together. A graduate of William M. Raines high school, this retired fireman and chef is proud to be the author of a newly released book titled 1776 REWIND: The Great Awakening is Revolutionary. This book is not a traditional tale told in chapters, but is a compilation of letters written to fight against the ‘Wokeism’ and identity politics that are destroying our nation. 

Sonny B is a guest writer for the online publication Eye on my City, formerly called Eye on Jacksonville. He is also a former educational division lead for CCDF-USA Duval. Thanks to 1776 REWIND, Sonny has become a patriotic public speaker who intertwines faith and politics. Because most religious institutions have separated the two, God-fearing patriots are suffering from the severe consequences of a silent and cowardly church. Through his words of inspiration, Sonny aims to embolden Americans to join the Great Awakening and save the soul of our nation.

Sonny is willing to die for what he believes in—love of God, traditional family, and our  country—because, as he says, “If we lose our freedom, then we are dead already. The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage.  Where We Go One We Go All, and may God bless America!!!”  

NOTE: Sonny B’s book will be available for purchase for $26 at this event. 
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