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Local Resident Ashley Benoit, CCDF-Nassau Education Division Lead, on Jesse Watters Show on School Behavioral Problems

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By George Miller, 3-24-23

CCDF-Nassau’s Education Lead Ashley Benoit was on Jesse Watters’ show talking about the challenges teachers have in the classroom with student behavior.  Follow Ashley and CCDF-Nassau as she advocates for local parents and teachers to make classrooms safer for students and teachers. 

The interview was done on very short notice, she said. Watters’ staff searched out people talking about the subject, found her Facebook post about it, contacted her to solicit her participation in the show and and the rest is history.

Watch video:

After 14 years as a teacher, Ms. Benoit says that she left her position in 2020 and is now an education and marketing consultant, selling lesson plans online, consulting to teachers and teaching how to market:

Education Consulting:


Marketing Consulting:


She says that students were expelled from her school, but she did not have any of her students removed, although there were some significant discipline problems. She said that students had been very disruptive, thrown things at her and once “totally destroyed” her classroom.

What irked her most:

  • Lack of meaningful support from the administration and bureaucratic obstacles to getting anything done. She says that teachers are told to document at least a dozen incidents, then go before a board to make their cases.
  • Parents claim their kids would never do anything like that. But she says, kids act a lot differently at school than they do with their parents.

If you would like to contact Ashley for comments, you can reach her at [email protected].

Ashley Benoit

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of Citizens Journal Florida, based in Fernandina Beach. He is a “retired” operations management consultant, software and publishing executive and manufacturing management professional.

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