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Local Journalist Ken Timmerman’s Threat Watch: Women-Life-Freedom-Gassed

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By Ken Timmerman, 3-3-23

I’m sure you’ve heard the slogan used by Iran’s protestors over the past six months: Women-Life-Freedom.

The slogan actually traces its origin to the Iranian Kurdish freedom movement PJAK, the Party of Life and Freedom of Kurdistan. Syrian fighters of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) added the word “Women” to the slogan during the war against ISIS. 

So you can see how galling it must be to the clerical rulers of the Iranian regime and their goons in the Bassij militias and the IRGC to see that slogan every day on display, in every city, town and village in Iran.

It now appears that elements within the Iranian regime, in a sadistic twist, have been hoping to add a new word to the slogan: GASSED.

Over the past three months, there have been 46 reported incidents of poison gas attacks on girls’ schools across Iran that have caused at least one death and claimed 800 victims, many of them hospitalized.

Local media have described what appear to be deliberate and coordinated attacks, involving a tanker truck that drives up close to a school building and releases a noxious chemical, which then seeps through the windows and poisons the girls inside their classrooms.

The regime pretended nothing was happening until an angry crowd of 100 parents showed up recently at the Governor General’s office in Qum, demanding that he take steps to guarantee the safety of their daughters at school.

Last week, they made their first arrest, jailing an unidentified male as he drove the tanker truck from school to school.

Beware a regime that is so wedded to its ideology that it holds large numbers of its own people in contempt — and don’t think it can’t happen here.

I discuss the school poisonings, Iran’s astonishing naval presence in the Western hemisphere, and the ever-shortening time-line for an Israeli military strike on Iranian regime nuclear facilities in this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend. I also discuss Biden regime officials “warning” Congress that Iran is becoming a “global threat,” all the while they try to make the case for returning to the failed nuclear deal.

You can listen live at 1:05 PM this Saturday on WAY Radio in Jacksonville on 104.9 FM or 550 AM. In Saint Augustine, you can listen on 96.5 FM or 1420 AM.

Yours in freedom,


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