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Local Civic Association Leader Wins Book Excellence Award

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By George Miller

8-8-22, Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach resident and California transplant Deb Boelkes wins Annual 2022 Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s BookAwards, which recognized Women on Top: What’s Keeping You From Executive Leadership? in the category of Business, as a Silver medal winner.

When we moved to Fernandina Beach, Florida last year, several people recommended the local civic organization called “We The People.” It had monthly meetings which featured speakers on political and social topics and urging officials and members to take action. It was at those meetings where I was introduced to our congressman, commission members, other officials, a couple of noted authors, several excellent bloggers and lately, candidates for office. There was no Citizens Journal Florida yet when we started going, but we have since written several articles about their meetings, which can be found on line.

It quickly became apparent that the force behind that organization was Deb Boelkes, formerly of Orange County California (came here 9 years ago). She told us that helping to prevent Florida from becoming another California and the USA from sliding into oblivion were motivating factors to do this. Her husband Chris is teamed with her in this effort and handles IT and virtually everything else but programs/communications.

When we asked her how this got started, she said that they held a cocktail party for about 50 like-minded people- who she described as “concerned Conservatives”- and the rest is history. It eventually morphed into what exists today.

But this is just her side gig. Ms. Boelkes also has a “day job,” educating and mentoring women with executive aspirations or helping to improve those who are already in the executive suite. She speaks at conferences and does work for companies and universities. She has somehow also found time to write multiple books and publishes several blogs.

Until recently, she was also the President of the local chapter of PEO (Philanthropical Educational Organization), a 150 year old women’s sorority/charity which provides scholarships to women.

Here is the press release announcing Ms. Boelkes’ award:

Local Author Deb Boelkes Receives National Recognition

Lake Buena Vista, FL (7/30/2022) – The Annual 2022 Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s BookAwards recognized Women on Top: What’s Keeping You From Executive Leadership? by Deb Boelkes, in the category of Business, as a Silver medal winner.

Hosted by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association, this prestigious national award is open to books published between 2020 and 2022. The judges for this national competition are librarians, educators, and publishing professionals.

“The FAPA President’s Book Award exists to promote excellence in the publishing industry by recognizing talented contemporary authors who put both heart and soul into their work. FAPA is proud to be a champion of authors and publishers going the extra mile to produce books of excellence in every aspect,” said Pat Stanford, a Past President of FAPA.  

Women on Top: What’s Keeping You From Executive Leadership? is a non-fiction Leadership book—the third in a four-book series—published by Business World Rising, LLC, which lays out a blueprint for getting out of your own way so you can make real progress. In it, Boelkes tackles big roadblocks like fear, impostor syndrome, gender bias, and victimhood and offers advice on overcoming them. She masterfully weaves her own story together with been-there-done-that advice from seven high-level women from various industries.

“We are proud to announce this year’s winners who truly embody the excellence this award was created to celebrate.  Their works are representative of creative storytelling, bold concepts, and innovative ideas which make the President’s Book Awards so well respected by librarians and those in the publishing industry. We salute all our winners for their fine work.” said FAPA’s Immediate Past President, Renee Garrison.

The Florida Authors and Publishers Association is an organization for authors, publishers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other professionals involved in the publishing industry. It focuses on providing the highest quality of information, resources, and professional development to members and others interested in the writing and publishing profession.

Very nice. Hey, after all she’s done for the community and the help she’s given us with articles, why not a free plug? …

Deb Boelkes

Founder, Business World Rising, LLC 

Keynote Speaker and award-winning Author of: 

Women on Top: What’s Keeping You From Executive Leadership?

The WOW Factor Workplace: How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture

Heartfelt Leadership: How to Capture the Top Spot and Keep on Soaring

And coming soon:

Strong Suit: Leadership Success Secrets from Women on Top

Office: 904-310-9602
Email: [email protected]

DebBoelkes.com || BusinessWorldRising.com || HeartfeltLeadership.com

Success just got easier ®

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of Citizens Journal Florida, based in Fernandina Beach. He is a “retired” operations management consultant, software and publishing executive and manufacturing management professional.

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