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Local and State Opposition to FL HB 627/SB 102 Overriding Local Authority for Development

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By Karen Schoen, 5-25-23

While DeSantis was going after WOKE the Florida RINO legislature was busy giving Florida to DeSantis’ donor developers ability to override local authority, give more money for phony conservation programs while the FLDOE is using the same communist globalist publishers who promote SEL, ESG and CRT. Testing is tied to COMMON CORE (the Obama curricula) designed to keep students 2 years behind.

Florida Private Property Rights are on the chopping block as the new law HB627,SB102 Housing Bill starts out :  Housing: Removes authority of local governments to adopt or maintain laws, ordinances, rules, or other measures that would have effect of imposing controls on rents; specifies requirements & restrictions on counties in approving housing developments; authorizes local governments to adopt ordinances to provide ad valorem tax exemption for portions of property used to provide affordable housing; revises total amount of community contribution tax credits which may be granted for projects; provides sales tax exemption for building materials used in construction of affordable housing units; authorizes department to make information available to corporation to administer Live Local Program; prohibits deduction of General Revenue Fund service charge on documentary stamp tax proceeds; provides appropriations.




Pro: https://gunster.com/alerts/live-local-act-cs-sb-102-cs-hb-627/

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Karen Schoen is a longtime Florida political activist. Contact her at [email protected]

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