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Legislation Being Passed Right Now to Criminalize Those Who Question the Election Process

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Press Release

By Defend Florida Team


What happened in Venezuela, Cuba is now happening here!

This is an emergency call to action! As we speak, the very foundation of our freedom to speak, to challenge, and to participate in the democratic process is under siege. Legislation that mirrors the oppressive tactics seen in countries like Venezuela and Cuba is being passed right here, right now. This isn’t just an update; it’s a red alert for anyone who values their civil liberties.

What’s At Stake?

  • Silencing Dissent: New laws are being enacted that criminalize the very act of questioning or challenging the election process. This isn’t hyperbole; it’s a chilling reality that threatens to silence any voice of dissent.
Of course no one should ever be threatened, coerced or harassed. That’s why there are thoughtful laws ALREADY in place to protect people.  This bill seems to ignore existing laws and targets the voice of dissent.  Is this part of a larger campaign to thwart elections against the Presidential nominee?  Check your own state to see if similar is being done.
PLUS: Uncovered recently:  Officials have been meetings to remove the Vote Date.  Why would you want to remove the Vote Date? – see the Draft Agenda obtained by a Florida volunteer below 👇
Click here for Meeting Link
  • Erosion of Transparency: Florida has caught the eye, but make no mistake, this is a national crisis. These measures, surprisingly passed by those who claim to champion individual freedoms, are compromising the transparency and integrity of our elections.
  • A Dire Precedent: With proposals to even remove crucial information like the Vote Date from Mail Ballots coming to light, we have to ask ourselves: What’s next?

Why You Can’t Miss Our Zoom Call: This isn’t just another meeting. This is a cry for every individual who believes in the power of their voice. We gather not just to discuss but to mobilize, to understand the full scope of these threats and to craft a united response.

Your Voice Matters Now More Than Ever We are at a crossroads, and the path we choose to follow will define the very essence of our Republic. This call is your opportunity to stand up, be informed, and push back against the tide of legislation that seeks to diminish our rights.

This Is Our Moment Do not let this moment pass in silence. Join us as we delve into the details of this alarming development, discuss its far-reaching implications, and unite in a strategy to safeguard our democratic rights and freedoms.


The Defend Florida Team

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