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Kamala Harris Appointed AI “Czar”

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By George Miller, 5-8-23

When I first heard about this a few days ago, you know, Harris becoming AI Czar, I thought it was a joke, more “misinformation”, a Babylon Bee article, or my eyes deceiving me.

But, yes, Biden, in his infinite wisdom, has made Vice President Kamala Harris our AI (Artificial Intelligence) “Czar.” I’m not sure how she’ll have enough time to do this with all of her other duties making senseless speeches and being the “Border Czar.” I hope you know how busy and effective she’s been with those. I haven’t seen the job description yet- hopefully, they’ve dumbed it down to minimize the danger.

It is a nightmare and a bad joke that Joe Biden, who was polling about 3% before the Democrat and media (but I repeat myself) powers that be suddenly changed the game and inflated him to a presidential contender, when it became apparent that announced Socialist Bernie Sanders was poised to take the nomination. Joe quickly told us that he would select a black woman as his running mate, to meet his DEI quota. So, he, or his handlers catapulted Kamala Harris, who lacked two American Citizen parents when she was born, onto the stage and the rest is history. Don’t you think they could have found a better black woman for this job? Or just a better qualified candidate of any hue or gender? Of COURSE.

The confusion, COVID and mystery of the 2020 election allegedly produced Biden and Harris as our new executives. So instead, we got two unannounced Socialists. In fact, our guardians of the truth, the Mainstream Media, still present Joe as a “moderate,” which I’ve known for years could hardly be further from the truth. They don’t present Harris as anything other than the first evah black woman VP, although lately they seem to be more aware of problems with her. Black women should be embarrassed that she was presented as their epitome.

Given the stunning setbacks our nation has experienced in less than 2 1/2 years of their “Leadership,” I’m astounded that his popularity is still nearly 40% and hers only somewhat lower- but lowest of any VP evah, we are informed.

But back to “Knees” Kamala, as we affectionately call her back in California, where she was catapulted from highly partisan and incompetent Attorney-General to highly partisan and incompetent Senator, the to highly partisan and incompetent US Vice President. She has distinguished herself so far by doing nothing good of any consequence. She has, though, been a Senate tiebreaker to pass more left wing legislation. She has been a terrible embarrassment to any sentient American, with her constant gaffes and empty, almost comical speeches and her avoidance in doing anything as Border Czar. At least 7 million illegal aliens, or politically correct term- “migrants”- have flooded our country’s opened borders on her watch- and that’s just what we know about and just on the southern border. She doesn’t seem bright at all, and has zero charisma, zero political savvy.

Now, she’s gonna tackle artificial intelligence, an emerging mega tool with huge potential for good or evil. What qualifications does she have for the job? What native abilities, for that matter? Has the Biden administration gone mad, or are they simply determined to destroy our country?

But hey, don’t believe me, look at the many other sources.

White House unveils crackdown on artificial intelligence amid fears tech could replace humanity… but Kamala Harris will be in charge of it

And, yes, the Babylon Bee actually did weigh in on this, too:

Biden Taps Kamala Harris To Counteract Rise Of Intelligence

The AI Czar joke on us is just one more Biden administration disaster of many, many. God, please save the USA.

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of Citizens Journal Florida, based in Fernandina Beach. He is a “retired” operations management consultant, software and publishing executive and manufacturing management professional.

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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