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Judge maintains ban on fed censorship communication with social media

Judge gives "a few examples" of the voluminous evidence that led him to issue preliminary injunction, says states can sue to vindicate their "quasi-sovereign interests."

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By Greg Piper, Just the News


The Justice Department failed to convince a federal judge to lift his preliminary injunction that bans several forms of contact among the White House, federal agencies and social media companies as the First Amendment lawsuit against alleged government-tinged censorship proceeds.

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty reminded the feds of “a few examples” of the voluminous evidence that informed his July 4 order, which found that Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general and censored doctors were likely to win the suit.

They include demands from White House officials to remove an “anti-COVID-19 vaccine tweet” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Facebook video where former Fox News host Tucker Carlson similarly questioned COVID vaccines. The CDC regularly gave Facebook lists of supposed COVID misinformation for removal, including “medically debatable topics” like COVID’s survival rate and the vaccines’ potential to “weaken the immune system.”

Despite having Hunter Biden’s laptop since December 2019 and knowing that “the story was not Russian disinformation,” the FBI “repeatedly warned social-media companies to be alert for ‘hack and dump’ or ‘hack and leak’ operations” ahead of the 2020 election, leading Facebook to suppress reporting about it, Doughty said.

Read the full article here: Judge maintains ban on fed censorship communication with social media | Just The News

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