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Jordan Not Moving to Third Round in House Speaker Race, Supporting McHenry as Temporary Speaker (Now Switched to Emmer, then to Mike Johnson ???)

We give up- GOP has "nominate" several Speaker candidates- each one with fewer votes than the previous one.

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By Nicholas Ballasy, Just the News


OP Rep. Jim Jordan decided Thursday not to move forward with his bid to become the next House speaker and instead supported a proposal to elevate fellow Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry from his post as speaker pro tempore to unelected speaker with the powers of the office for a temporary period of time.

Jordan, an Ohio Republican who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, made the move after failing twice this week in full House votes to secure enough ballots to win the speakership. 

McHenry, a North Carolina Republican, was appointed to the position of speaker pro tempore after California GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the speakership post roughly two weeks ago.

The strategy of the House Republican Conference, which controls the chamber, is to put a member in place, then try to have that person preside over legislative matters until a new speaker can be elected. 

Read the full article here: Jordan not moving to third round in House speaker race, supporting McHenry as temporary speaker | Just The News

Jordan now backing Emmer


And then…


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