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 Jaxport Set to Receive Largest Ship Ever. Here’s Why it Mattters

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By Timothy Gibbons  –  Editor in chief, Jacksonville Business Journal


The Port of Jacksonville has had some sizable ships call at its terminals over the years — but those vessels topped out at just under 12,000 containers and were all one-off visits.

That’s about to change

On Tuesday, the port will begin reaping the benefits of having deeper water in the St. Johns shipping channel with the arrival of One Stork, a vessel that can carry more than 14,000 20-foot-long containers.

One Stork was initially expected to arrive in Jacksonville on Sunday but the ship was delayed en route.

Once it arrives, the vessel will spend about 24 hours at the port.

It’s not just the largest ship that has ever called at Jaxport. It’s also the beginning of a string of nine vessels that carry from 13,000 to 14,000 containers who will be calling at the Blount Island Marine terminal weekly.

Read the full article here: Jaxport set to receive largest ship ever. Here why it matters – Jacksonville Business Journal (bizjournals.com)

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