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Improved Classification Of Community Rating System Reduces Flood Insurance Premiums For County Residents

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Press Release

By Nassau County, FL|Board of County Commissioners


Nassau County, Florida, October 5, 2022 – The Board is excited to announce that
the County has once again received an improvement in its Classification in the
Community Rating System (CRS). CRS is a voluntary incentive program that
recognizes and encourages community floodplain management practices that exceed
the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Nassau
County joined the program in May 2017 and since that time has worked hard to
improve its rating to allow for a reduction in flood insurance premiums for property
owners within the unincorporated areas of the County.

Flood insurance premiums are set nationally based on the age of structure, building
materials and level of risk. However, communities that volunteer to adopt and enforce
stricter ordinances, known as “Higher Standards,” to reduce flood risk can enroll in
the CRS Program to earn insurance premium discounts for their residents.

In order to maintain and/or improve CRS Ratings, the County earns “credits” for its
efforts in providing information to the public, maintaining current flood maps,
improving flood regulations to reduce the possibility of flood damage, and ensuring
flood preparedness. Based on total credits earned, communities are assigned a CRS
Classification which determines the percentage of discounts given to property

Nassau County’s previous CRS Rating was a Class 8 which allowed County
residents to enjoy a 10% premium reduction for flood insurance with an overall cost
savings of $176,000 for the residents. However, during the most recent cycle
verification, the County was notified that its efforts have now achieved enough points
to move them to a Class 7 CRS Rating, allowing residents to benefit from a 15%
premium reduction with an overall cost savings of $232,000 to property owners with a
flood insurance policy.

County Manager, Taco Pope, stated, “With the threat of increase to property
insurance premiums throughout the country, the Board is happy to do what it can to
provide relief to property owners within Nassau County. Special acknowledgment is
given to our floodplain experts in the County’s Building and Planning Departments
who work year-round to provide flood information to the public through community
outreach events and to conduct other initiatives to increase its credits. We also
appreciate the guidance provided by our consultants of Oceania Flood Services.
Thanks to all their hard work, our residents will continue to enjoy reduced flood
insurance premiums. We will continue these efforts in hopes to improve our rating
again during the next cycle verification.”

For information on the CRS Program, visit FEMA’s website at:

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