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How you can build Citizensjournal.net into a powerful force for good….

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By Michael Miller

You can help build Citizensjournal.net into a powerful force for good. This thought was prompted upon re-reading this article below covering the congressional debate sponsored by “We The People” on 7/20/22. I then had the following thoughts:

I was there….

at that event. So I can state that this report is accurate, detailed, impartial, informative and a useful tool to help voters make informed choices.  It fulfills all the functions of local citizens journalism.

While George Miller is my brother, I can still state objectively that he is a man of enormous commitment, passion, integrity, and productivity.  I am proud to be his brother.  I am proud of what his leadership, along with the contributions of our growing team, are creating.

There has been what I view as a dearth in supply of effective local journalism.  Important issues cry out for a hearing. Woke ideology is imposed. Ideas outside of the current establishment narrative are avoided. For example, have you seen a single article questioning mask and vax mandates and their efficacy? I haven’t. Isn’t this a vital debate for all of us? Why does establishment media block the voice of thousands of eminent physicians, epidemiologists, virologists on this controversial topic?

Here is our chance to change that with this up and coming, dynamic and vibrant publication.  Your additional support and participation will propel the successful growth and maturity of citizensjournal.net

Call to action!

Do you want real news? Do you value the potential of this newspaper?  If your answer is yes, here are some things you can do to help build citizensjournal.net into a powerful force for good:

1.    Subscribe–  A large subscription base increases power and ad revenue needed for growth, while keeping you in the know.
2.    Send a link to your contacts with your recommendation.
3.    Volunteer– We need editors, writers, webmaster, social media managers, commission paid ad sales, to name a few.  Training is available along with the reward of being part of a movement.
4.    Donate–  This is an all volunteer effort.  Money is needed for web expense, liability insurance, advertising, site upgrades, paid news reporting, to name a few.
5.    Advertise– Even better!  You get to support the effort, exposure for your business, and fully tax deductible business expense.  With added pages included and a link direct to your website! All at very reasonable expense with 24/7/365 exposure.  call for rates.

We invite you to join the team.

We hope you will become part of this new local adventure while benefiting from great local coverage.  Be a reader, a subscriber, a donor, an advertiser, or try a new role in journalism.  We want you on our team. Our publisher awaits your call for questions and discussion of opportunities. Call George at 805 807 5114.

Useful links about Citizensjounal.net:

How to add Citizens Journal Florida icon to your mobile device:

Michael Miller, A retired Fire Lieutenant/EMT from NY has been in FB for 8 years.  He is a fierce advocate for Liberty, a sailing captain and instructor for Windward Sailing.  He dabbles in theatre, photography, geopolitics and markets and now writing.  Look for his writing here and at: https://firesail.substack.com/

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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