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How to Succeed in Hollywood Master Class

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From Movieguide

August 31- September 4 sold out

Next one is November 16-20

Have you always been interesting in making a movie or even funding a movie? Or do you have a book you have always wanted to make in to a screen play?   

At the How to Succeed in Hollywood Master Class we will teach you just that!   

Plus, you will learn how to pitch your concept, understand contracts, marketing, the business of Hollywood and more!   

The class is taught by renowned speaker and film critic Dr. Ted Baehr and studio executives, producers, and filmmakers working in Hollywood.   

This five day intensive will take you to the next level!   

For more information, email: [email protected]   or visit: 


How To Succeed In Hollywood “Without Losing Your Soul” Master-ClassDate: August 31-September 4, 2022. Duration: 5. Days. Location: Camarillo, CA Master-Class is a comprehensive intensive on making movies which:Glorify GodMinister in Profound Ways to Audiences.Remain Financially Viable.This Master-Class is not for those with a casual interest.www.movieguide.org Phone: (805) 383-2000
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